• Name: Bai Winchester
  • Class: Cryomancer
  • Weapon: Ice Blade
  • Birthday: September 9th
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Hobbies: Meditation, Crafting
  • Dislikes: Whining; Success without hard work
  • Favorite Color: Deep Sky Blue
About Bai

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Mystic Skill Set


Bai’s unique combat style blends mysticism and martial arts, using her mastery of the Ice Blade for both precise, measured attacks and massive area-of-attack spells. Instead of dazzling her opponents with flash, Bai studies the battlefield, picks her targets, then unleashes her power in fast, efficient strikes that leave no foe standing.

Bai Journal

Bai Backstory

Bai Backstory
The Full Story:

After a tragic accident that left her twin sister suspended in time, Bai Winchester assumed her family's legacy—and curse—of wielding the mystical Ice Blade. Haunted by her personal tragedy, she vowed use her powers only in the defense of others, and not give in to the blade’s murderous impulses.

Reluctantly agreeing to join UNION's Wildhüter team as an instructor, she fights a constant battle between duty and instinct, hoping she can control the Ice Blade long enough to both free her sister from her timeless slumber, and free her family of its influence by destroying the blade forever.