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About Seth

Seth Bio


Birthday • June 6
Age • 17

UNION made artificial Closers to handle the Phase weapons of dimensional monsters. Sample A's body and mind was damaged and too frail from the experimentation. Deemed a failure, Anna was ignored-abandoned-for years.

As experimenters casually decided to dispose of Sample A, she heard another mind, also in pain…



Creation Day • August 25
Age • 13

Another UNION experiment imbued deadly claw-like phase weapons with so much feral energy, it developed a soul of it's own. Full of anger and pain, the weapon, codenamed "Sekhmet", connected to the soul in Sample A-Anna-in an unexpected way: While Anna's mind was unable to move her body, Sekhmet's soul could. Sekhmet planned to lash out against her creators, but Anna was not entirely powerless…


Sekhmet's rage-filled soul controlled Anna's body, but the purity of Anna's soul tempered Sekhmet's rage. The two were forever changed and bonded together into a new being, where neither would ever be lonely again. Anna and Sekhmet gave their unified self a new name: Seth. A girl with two souls, Seth fights with the ferocity of a beast, contained in a tiny, waiflike body.


Pre-Release Ultra Pack

This pack contains the following items

  • Seth's Dark Command Full 10-Piece Set (Untradeable) x1
  • 3-Star Seth Victorian Reaper Full Set Random Box (Untradeable) x1
  • Gremory's Special Dimensional Box x1
  • Gremory's Greater Dimensional Box x1
  • Gear Booster +13 Pouch x1
  • Gear Booster +12 Pouch x3
  • Enhancement Grade +1 x1
  • Enhancement Fortifier x30
  • Hyperclocked Equalizer x5
  • Alpha Equalizer x5
  • Transcendental Elixir x50
  • Mini Anna Pet Package x1
  • 3-Star Purification Ops Phase Wings Random Box (Untradeable) x1

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