The Closers Launch update introduces the Dimensional Ops Center, where you can earn the most powerful gear in the game and challenge Closers' very first Raid Boss: Tiamat!

Welcome to the Nightmare


From the Dimensional Ops Center, the Closers journey into a dimension known as the Nightmare World, controlled by an extremely powerful dimensional entity named Tiamat. Fighting your way through the Nightmare World, you'll unlock the gateway to the Abyss and come face to face with the Queen of Nightmares herself.

Get ready! This is going to be your greatest challenge yet.

Dimensional Ops Center

The Dimensional Ops Center is the go-to hub for players looking for more powerful gear, set items, and chip boxes for the enhancement adapter system (see below).

Once players clear the final quest in the Sky Ship Bridge, they can proceed to the Dimensional Ops Center and access a number of missions via MissionMinder Edgar:

  • Tiamat's Abyss (the new boss raid)
  • 15 missions from Gangnam to the Airport
  • 7 missions for Nightmare World: Horror
  • 8 missions for Nightmare World: Terror

Players can enter each Nightmare world up to six times per day, or Tiamat's Abyss up to three times per day. Gear switching is not available in the Dimensional Ops Center missions.

Tackling any of the missions in a squad (other than Tiamat's Abyss) grants the player exclusive buffs (based on the number of players), and provides additional boss drops. Tackling any of the missions solo (other than Tiamat's Abyss) grants the player various buffs, but with no chance for additional rewards.

Nightmare World


The Dimensional Ops Center opens up access to three new mission areas: the Nightmare Worlds.

Players start by interacting with MissionMinder Edgar to receive a random mission in one of the Nightmare Worlds.

At some point during a mission, one of Tiamat's three trap patterns will activate, and the players must work together to destroy it—or suffer some serious damage.

Additionaly, an awakened boss appears during the mission's boss stages. These also have unique patterns that require players to work together.

After each mission, players receive rewards based on how well they did. Players also receive rewards for each group of three missions they clear, after which the mission progress is reset.

Nightmare Worlds
Nightmare Worlds
Nightmare Worlds

Tiamat's Abyss

The centerpiece of the Dimensional Ops Center is the new boss raid: Tiamat's Abyss.

Somewhere in the extradimensional Abyss, the Queen of Nightmares has arisen, and the Closers must stop her before her power extends to cover the world in an eternal nightmare from which no one will ever wake.

Entering Tiamat's Abyss is restricted by minimum player level and squad size, and subject to daily entry limits:

Difficulty Entrance Level Daily Entries Squad Requirements
Skirmish 67 2 solo only
Assault 70 3 1–4 players


The rewards for defeating Tiamat include:

  • Disaster set items (weapon cores, modules, trinkets)
  • Crater set items (rings, necklaces, dolls)
  • Old Red Chip Box (random chip box)
  • Old Black Chip Box (random chip box)
  • Scapula of Mutant (back slot costume item)
  • Rake Wings of Shadow (back slot costume item)
  • Nightmarish Queen's Ascendance (back slot costume item)
  • Tiamat's Tail (waist slot costume item)
  • Nightmarish Queen's Eye (eye slot costume item)
  • Tiamat weapon skin
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