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Get Your Zenith Costume Early!

Zenith teaser image
We're giving you a chance at an early-bird deal on Zenith Closers costumes!
smoreceror | 11.29.2018 Read More

Closers Winter Contest

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Play Closers on Steam to be entered to win a laptop or other big Closers prizes!
smoreceror | 11.26.2018 Read More

A New Promotion and Challenges!

Soma teaser image
Take Soma to the next level of power and venture into Contamination Hell in the next Closers update.
smoreceror | 11.09.2018 Read More

Closers Day November 3-4

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Closers Day November 3-4
smoreceror | 11.02.2018 Read More

EME Games Laptop Contest

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Get a chance at a Razer Blade 15, plus other awesome prizes, just by playing EME games through Steam!
smoreceror | 10.29.2018 Read More