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A New Promotion and Challenges!


The next update is coming soon to Closers! After our scheduled downtime on Monday, November 12, at 9 p.m. PST, you’ll be able to promote Soma to Special Agent and test your power against a new zone: “Contamination Hell.” Read on for the full update details…


  • Soma gets promoted! Unlock new skills for Soma and, for a limited time, get a chance to craft a special costume. Soma can begin her promotion quest at level 67.
  • Contamination Hell—a new challenge opens its doors!
    • Contamination Hell is made up of four types of stages:
      • Contamination Hell
        • 1 entry per day, regardless of elite status
      • Contamination Hell: Overflowed
        • 1 entry per day, regardless of elite status
        • Overflowed is only open during certain hours on certain days. Players can participate on Monday, Friday, and Sunday at the following times (UTC):
          • 1 a.m.
          • 4 a.m.
          • 7 a.m.
          • 10 a.m.
          • 5 p.m.
          • 10 p.m.
          • 11 p.m.
        • Contamination Hell: Replica
          • 3 entries per day
        • Chain Purge OPS
          • Unlimited daily entries
      • Contamination Hell introduces new levels of transcendence! Players can now transcend up to Tier 5, and the chance of success on Tiers 1–3 is increased.
        • To further enhance your gear, Alpha Equalizers are also introduced in this update. Alpha Equalizers work on level 81–85 equipment.
      • Crew missions are re-worked with Contaminated Hell-related content. This means that the Wildhüter will be able to join in with other teams.


    • Soma SA Celebration!
      • 5-Day Login Reward—This event begins after the Monday, November 12, maintenance and ends with the Monday, December 10, maintenance. Rewards include Transcendental Elixirs, Contaminated Dimensional Essences, and more!
      • Special Agent Costume Craft—This event begins after the Monday, November 12, maintenance and ends Monday, January 7, at 10 p.m. PST. Required crafting materials are:
        • 1-Star Package (Permanent)
          • 72 Demon King's Goblet
          • 540 Sealed Queen's Eye
          • 100 Contaminated Dimensional Essence
          • 15 Sticky Residue

      • Thanksgiving Events—Events begin after the Monday, November 12, maintenance and run until the Monday, November 26, maintenance.
        • Login and playtime rewards!
          • First Login Reward:
          • Thanksgiving Celebration Box. Movable to Account Storage, box and component expire on 2019-01-15 at 6 a.m., Untradeable.
            • Enhancement Boost II ×2
            • Roasted Turkey ×5 (HP/MP 100% Recovery)
          • 30-Minute Playtime Reward: Golden Dog's Hair ×5 (Crafting Material)
          • Get 100 minute and 200 minute rewards every day during this period for Scavenger's Golden Treasure and Veteran Hero Washing Machines!
        • Golden Dog Crafting Event—The Golden Dog is a mysterious creature that can appear in all stages that have more than three sub-stages. Only players level 30 and over will encounter it.
          Defeating a Golden Dog will give you Golden Dog’s Hair for special item crafting, including Accessory items, Performance Fabric Treatment, a Golden Dog Pet container, and more. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a Thanksgiving Random Box that includes a chance to get wings! The craft list and materials will expire on Tuesday, December 4, at 6 a.m. server time.
          • Required Golden Dog's Hair Craft Result Craft Restriction
            5 Roasted Turkey x5 Once per character per day
            15 Performance Fabric Treatment x2 3 times per account per week
            40 Maple Waltz[Event] Once per character
            40 Dinner on the Fly [Event] Once per character
            40 Devilish Horns [Event] Once per character
            40 Red Frames [Event] Once per character
            40 Ruby Earring [Event] Once per character
            80 Golden Dog Pet Container Once per character
            100 Thanksgiving Super Box [Event] Once per account

          • Thanksgiving Random Box includes one of the following, chosen at random:
            • Contaminated Dimensional Essence x5
            • Sticky Residue x3
            • Common Phase Fiber x5
            • Greater Phase Fiber x3
            • Enhancement Boost II x1
            • Punisher Wing x1
            • Judge's Wing x1
          • Thanksgiving Super Box contains the following:
            • Alpha Equalizer x1
            • Transcendental Elixir x3
            • Enhancement Boost II x3
            • -1 Gear Booster x3
            • Enhancement Fortifier x1
          • Contamination Hell Login Rewards—Login rewards are available beginning after the Monday, November 12, maintenance and running until the Monday, November 26 maintenance.
            • 1 Day Resurrection Capsule x11
            • 2 Days Victory Talisman (1-Day) Box
            • 3 Days Slot Type Modification Tool
            • 4 Days Perfect PNA Evolution Kit
            • 5 Days Transcendental Elixir x2
            • 6 Days Multi-Dimensional Reactive Substance x5
            • 7 Days +12 Gear Booster
            • 8 Days Enhancement Fortifier
            • 9 Days Multi-Dimensional Reactive Substance x5
            • 10 Days Shape Memory Device

        EMP SHOP

        • New Products
          • Wolfgang, Soma Caregiver / Madman Costume Package
          • Soma Black Suit Premium/Standard Package
          • Wolfgang Academy Package
          • Soma SA Package
            • Let's Have Fun! Phase Stabilizer (Soma Only) ×30
              • Bonus EXP 200%
            • Self-sufficient Capsule from Unknown Source (Soma Only) ×100
              • HP/MP 100% Recovery"
            • Luck Stabilizer ×50
            • Resurrection Capsule ×30
            • Slot-Type Change Tool ×5
            • Rainbow Dimensional Essence ×400
            • Sealed Queen's Eye ×300
            • Alien Pressure Valve ×150
            • Sticky Residue ×15
            • Phase Fiber ×100
            • Smiley 3-Star Boss Weapon Random Box ×1
          • Mini Soma Pet Packages
          • Mini Wolfgang Egg Container
          • Products Leaving the Store
          • Wolfgang Academy Premium Package
          • Mini Wolfgang Pet Adult / Egg Packages


        • New Products
          • Desperado Washing Machines
        • Leaving the Store
          • Noble Night Washing Machine
          • Black Lamb Domestic Washing Machine
          • Wolfdog Domestic Washing Machine


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