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All Aboard for the Sky Ship Update!


Attention, Closers! The Sky Ship update is coming, and with it, the next chapter in the Closers storyline. Not only that, but this update also increases the level cap for all available characters to 70!

Read on for the full details on new events, costumes, and content coming with the Sky Ship update.


Level 70 Expansion Event

We have raised the level cap for all released Closers to 70! Starting with this update, we’re running two in-game events for two weeks to boost your level to new heights.

Weekend Play Time Rewards

Log in and play Closers on weekends during the event (January 27–28 and February 3–4) to receive login and playtime rewards! Each day’s rewards start at 10 p.m. PST and end at 10 p.m. PST the following day.

Day Log-in 60 minutes 120 minutes 180 minutes
Jan. 27, 2018 Small Plum Soda x1 UNION Gear Lubricant x2 Scavenger’s Gold Treasure Chest x1 Enhancement Fortifier ×1
Jan. 28, 2018 Small Plum Soda x1 Special Ops Auto-Clear ×3 Scavenger’s Gold Treasure Chest x1 Enhancement Boost II ×2
Feb. 3, 2018 Small Plum Soda x1 Quality Assurance Seal ×5 Scavenger’s Gold Treasure Chest x1 Performance Fabric Relaxer ×1
Feb. 4, 2018 Small Plum Soda x1 Expert Exploration Ticket ×3 Scavenger’s Gold Treasure Chest x1 Superclocked Equalizer ×1

Level 70 Celebration Reward

Also during the event, we’ll send all players who hit level 70 a special care package (once per account)! Here’s what’s inside:

  • Superclocked Equalizer ×1
  • Random Epic Skill Cube ×1
  • Victory Talisman Box (1 Day) ×1

But hurry! These events are only around until Monday, February 5, at 10 p.m. PST.

Sky Ship Bridge Update Events

With a new hub area come new stories and new challenges—and we’re throwing two events to celebrate!

Sky Ship Celebration Box

Just for logging in, you’ll get a special gift, once per account! The box contains:

  • Luck Stabilizer ×10
  • Resurrection Capsule ×11
  • Fast Dual Recovery Capsule ×20

Sky Ship Crafting Event

Every time you clear a stage in the Sky Ship Bridge, you’ll receive tokens to craft a variety of cosmetics and useful items! Head to MatterMixer Allan for the full list of the available items. Here’s a sneak peek at how good your Closer could look with these cosmetics:

But hurry! You’ll only be able to earn crafting items until Monday, February 5, at 10 p.m. PST. The craft list will no longer be available after Monday, February 19, at 10 p.m. PST


In addition to a new level cap, new events, and a new hub, the Sky Ship update brings a variety of new costumes, pets, and consumables to the in-game EMP shop! Check out the new costumes below.

Your Levia can now cosplay as Ran, with the new Ran costume!

Red and Gold Dragon Breath costumes will be available in the EMP Shop. You’ll have to visit Bitna’s shop for a chance at the Dark Dragon Breath variant.

Adopt a Mini-Veronica pet to accompany you on missions, or just hang out in Your Room!


We’ll go into maintenance to launch the Sky Ship Update on Monday, January 22, at 10 p.m. PST. We’re expecting to be back online within about two hours. See you then!


Sky Ship Bridge

  • Sky Ship Bridge brings new quests and story, available to players level 62 and higher.
  • Challenge the Virtual Sky Ship stage up to ten times a day with a Red Disk!


  • We’re kicking off a variety of events to help you get to level 70! Check out the events section above for more details.
  • While you’re on the Sky Ship, participate in a new crafting event! Get the full details in the events section above.
  • Levia update events end with this update.
  • The 2018 Celebration event ends with this update.
  • The Rampage Cube becomes dormant once more with this update.


  • Check out the EMP Store section above for a look at new costumes coming with the update!

Bitna Update

  • The Dark Dragon Breath costume will be available from Bitna’s Washing Machines.


  • The Black Market is now accessible from all hub areas!