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August 14 Patch Notes


The next Closers update is right around the corner! After downtime on Monday, August 13 at 10 p.m. PDT, you can log in and start enjoying the new content, including:

Special Operative Nata

Nata can now be promoted to Special Operative.

  • The Special Operative Promotion quests starts at level 67 in the Sky Ship Bridge.

Nata Leveling Event

  • Special rewards available on your first login— including Gardening and Maid Vouchers —and then at levels 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, and 80. If your Nata has already reached a given milestone level, you’ll receive the appropriate rewards with no additional play requirement.

Nata Crafting Event

  • Completing sectors with Nata earns you materials you can use to craft event rewards.

Nata Special Operative Costume

  • Completing the Special Operative Promotion quest awards the player with a temporary costume box, and the option to craft a permanent version.

All the above Nata events will end with the Monday, September 10 maintenance.

Craft fireworks and get rewards and buffs!

  • Players can get fireworks items via in-game content.
  • Players can use fireworks items to acquire Festival points; the better the fireworks, the more Festival points! These points will be tallied per account (even across servers).
  • When you hit certain milestones for Festival points, you’ll receive a Black Lambs/Wolf Dogs Gift Buff, which will be applied to all your characters, across all servers.
  • The Black Lambs and Wolf Dogs Gift Buff can reach a maximum level of 10 depending on accumulated points, and the higher the level, the better the buffs will be.

Look for more information on fireworks festivities next week!

Shop Updates

  • Added Nata Special Operative Starter Pack
  • Added Mini Nata pet
  • Added Fan-made costumes from other Closers territories!
  • Added discounted bundles of Warm Spa and Marine Washing Machines

Bitna Updates

  • We’re adding Hip-Hop costumes.
  • We’re bringing back Spa costumes, with new characters.
  • We’re removing the Bitna Bunny costumes and the Violet Housekeeper costumes.


dressing room

wearing the costume