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Azure Romance Awaits the Bold


They say there are some amongst Closers who traverse the mortal realm in search of serenity and freedom. A place of azure skies and hearts of gold. Joining their quest requires a test of will. Are you ready?

Introducing the Azure Romance costume collection, available in three color variants for J, Misteltein, Levia, Violet, Luna, and Seth.

Azure Romance costume collection

There are five pieces for each variant: Hair, Top, Bottom, Shoes, and Gloves. There's also a sixth piece, a Medal (accessory), worn to signify those who dare to risk everything for adventure.

Nobody said the voyage would be easy. When complete, a full six-piece set will unlock a unique character portrait matching the color variant you've chosen.

You already know where the journey begins. All three Azure Romance costume variants can be obtained through Bitna's regular Washing Machine from August 3 to August 30.

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Only an intrepid few dare to follow the compass of the soul. All others fall into obscurity. Take sail, forward into the unknown, for beyond the horizon lies luminous tranquility. A destination reserved only for the dauntless…

The azure skies.


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wearing the costume