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Bai Pre-registration and Divine Battle Patch Highlights


A new Closer is joining the Wildhüter team!

Divine Battle with Bai

On Tuesday, April 23rd, after maintenance concludes (approximately 12 AM PDT) we will release the next update for Closers! Full patch notes are available on our forums for you to dig into, but here are a few highlights!

New character, New Features.

Divine Battle
  • Pre-register and create your new Bai character!
  • Participate in the new Divine Battle!
  • This content update also brings changes to the achievement and title system, character balancing, and much more!


  • NEW Ti-85 Pilot costumes!
  • Ti-85 Pilot costume
  • NEW Fantasy World costumes (from the Divine Battle) with Magra and Dogra hair slot items!
  • Fantasy World