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Bask in the Summer Sunshine!


Let the light of the Sunshine Summer School machine bring joy and adventure to your heart, Closer!

Available August 3rd after maintenance, the Sunshine Summer School washing machine contains two possible costume sets: Sunshine Wave Swimsuits & Summer School Swimsuits.

Sunshine Summer School

Sunshine Wave Swimsuits come in three variants for each Closer (excluding Seth). There’s five pieces in the set: Hair, Swimsuit Top, Swimsuit Bottom, Shoes, Gloves.
Equipping all five pieces will grant you a special Sunshine Wave portrait depending on the color variant you’ve got on. There’s also a special accessory: Sunshine Glasses. Adding the Sunshine Glasses will give your Sunshine Wave portrait a tanned beach look!

Costume -


Those sweet Sunshine Wave costumes aren’t the only goodies you can find in this machine. There also a chance you’ll get a Summer School Swim Suit All-in-One Box! That baby’s a guaranteed invitation to join the UNION Beach Swim Team!* It contains a Summer School Swimsuit costume perfect for whichever Closer you open it with (including Seth).

You’ve got until August 30 before these costumes are washed away in a sparkling tide… like a majestic sandcastle. Then where will all the beach crabs live?!


dressing room

wearing the costume