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Beat the Heat on Summer Island!


Summer Island Event Dungeon

The sun is shining, Closers! Come relax by the beach and kick some sandy butts beginning Monday, July 6!

Clear the beach to collect Summer Island materials and craft stylish Summer rewards! What better way to spend your designated seasonal UNION downtime? It’s mandatory so you have no choice...

Now get packing! Oh, and also check out the Patch Notes.

Summer Island Costumes

Washing Machine
WHAT? You’re bringing that old swimsuit?! Hmm... it’s sorta cute, but still...

Get yourself a new Summer Island Swimsuit already! Each new look has three variants, with a special character illustration when you’ve equipped a full set.

Visit Bitna’s Washing Machine July 6 and September 1 to see for yourself! And don’t forget to check out the awesome Summer Island WM Packages in the EMP Store.

Costume -


The Beach Capsule Arcade is OPEN!

… A new capsule machine?! O_O

Seha’s been spending all day at the Beach Arcade. This new Hot Summer Capsule Machine is pretty sweet. Hmm... maybe he’s on to something!

Take a break from all the fun-under-the-sun and craft some Draw Coins for the Hot Summer Capsule Machine. Draw Coins go in—good stuff comes out! You could get costumes, Elite vouchers, buff vouchers, consumables, and more!

Remember to fill up the machine with Empty Capsules to switch up the loot table. They drop from clearing dungeons, plus you’ll get a bundle of Empty Capsules this coming Closers Day (see below)!

The Beach Arcade is in business from July 6 to August 3. After that, the Hot Summer Capsule Machine AND unused Empty Capsules will evaporate like an ice cream sandwich! Wait, those just melt...

Zenith Synchro Fibers PLUS Limited Time Zenith Random Chests


Those extra 2 and 3-star costumes you’re hanging on to are still useful. Combine them! Zenith Synchro Fibers return to the EMP Store for a limited time in singles and bundles.

Available from July 6 to August 3.

There’s a special chest appearing too! Limited edition Splendid Zenith Random Chests will be in the Special Products tab, containing Zenith cosmetics or other useful items.

They’re only available for TWO WEEKS, from July 6 to July 20.

Hot Summer Packages


Ahh yes... live a life of sweet tropical paradise! New Hot Summer Packages arrive in the EMP Store July 6! Each package has a massive discount on components, treatments, and other materials to boost your gear.

Available from July 6 to August 4.

Happy Birthday Nata!

Huh, who told you July 16 was Nata’s birthday? Right, I guess I just did. Damn, whatever.

Don’t make a big thing of it, alright? Living another year is just another chance to become stronger. If you want to do something useful, check your login rewards for a Birthday Celebration Box.

Just remember, even Nata’s birthday is only 24 hours long. Don’t go cryin’ to him if you screw up and miss it!

Event runs July 16 (06:00 UTC) to July 17 (05:59 UTC).

Closers Day

More than any other day, August 1 is when we should all come together and celebrate being a Closer. It’s Closers Day!

Closers Day

Every player that logs in and says hi will get a special login reward. Then if you play over 100 mins throughout Closers Day, you’ll be gifted 30 Empty Capsules. Take those babies to the Beach Arcade and feed them to the new Hot Summer Capsule Machine!

Closers Day lasts from August 1 (06:00 UTC) to August 2 (05:59 UTC).


dressing room

wearing the costume