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Beelzebub Content Expansion


Beelzebub, the King of Gluttony

Coming Monday, June 8 after maintenance, Beelzebub, the King of Gluttony and Master of Flies, arrives ready to fight with 4 new dungeons and an extradimensional host of new content.

Glutton King Event and Crafting

Log in every day from Monday, June 8 after maintenance until Monday, July 6. Record ten log-ins to collect special items, including a set of King of Gluttony Phase Wings! Complete event sectors to earn Fly King Tokens to craft choice items like the “Meet the Commander” title and Free Pass Boxes, as well as special drops.

Fusion Phase Wings

Fusion Phase Wings

Beginning Monday, June 8, you can now purchase, combine, and improve a special set of Phase Wings from the Contribution shop. These special wings can be improved up to +10 through a UI window accessible from your character profile, using materials like Splendid Phase Fibers (obtained by salvaging 3-Star costumes), Costume Fusion Fibers (events, Bitna, EMP shop), and Wing Essence, a new material obtained from special events and by salvaging existing 3-star phase wings.

Want more info on this new system? Check out our Costume Fusion System Update article here.

Divine Battle Season 7

Divine Battle Season 7

Starting Monday, June 8 Divine Battle Season 7, Single Player vs Parties begins a new chapter in this never-ending conflict. Choose either Magra or Dogra, then complete sectors and turn in materials to support your side. The team with the most points at the end of the season will take home some great rewards!

Check the Divine Battle leaderboards to see which players have contributed to your cause—final rewards are distributed based on your ranking!

Dimension Runner Costume

The new Dimension Runner outfits for Harpy, Tina, Wolfgang, and Soma are available in special washing machines beginning Monday, June 8 after maintenance, and will rotate out on Monday, July 6.

Enhancement Weekend Packages

Enhancement Weekend Packages

Starting Saturday, June 13, join us for four weekends full of fun and…fuel? The longer you play each day, the more stuff you’ll earn during our weekend login events. But if you still need more, we also have super deals coming each weekend. Check out the Special Products tab every weekend so you don't miss out on these savings. 

July Closers Day Celebration

Saturday, July 4 (at 0600 UTC) not only kicks off the fourth weekend of our Enhancement Weekend event, it’s also Closers Day! Your first login of the day will earn that character a special Closers Day Celebration box containing a 1-Day Draconian costume set, 10 gear Booster Fuel I, a Costume Fusion Fiber, and a 1-Day, +15 Gluttony Core!

Play for a minimum of 60 minutes before Sunday, July 5 (at 0559 UTC) and you’ll also receive 10 Fly King Tokens!

CMC Ticket Packs

CMC Ticket Packs

Talk to Bitna in any Hub between Monday, June 8 and Monday, June 22 for another CMC Sale Period event, this time featuring the Leisurely Morning [B] costume. To take full advantage of this event, shop the EMP Store for bundles containing CMC Rearrange Tickets and CMC Transfer Tickets.

Monday, June 22 will also be the last day that Leisurely Morning (B) costumes will be available through CMC, so don’t miss out on this special costume variant!

Leisurely Morning Costume revival

Starting Monday, June 8 and continuing until Monday, July 6, you can purchase washing machines with a chance to contain Leisurely Morning (A) and (C) costumes through Bitna.

Costume -


Glutton King Packages and Chain Discount

Glutton King Packages

To round out Beelzebub’s coming out party, starting Monday, June 8 you can purchase Glutton King packages in the EMP Store.

Chain Discount

But also check out the new Glutton King Chain Discounts.

We'll see you in game Closers!


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