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Bitna’s New Invention


Bitna has created a new material conversion system.

Hi! I’m Bitna. I’m UNION’s expert in Interdimensional Material Conversion! (Some just call them washing machines, but it’s really much more technical than that!) I’m here to tell you about a recently discovered new intricate and complicated material conversion system that I’ve made better for you! For simplicity’s sake, I call it Cross Material Conversion!

In Cross Material Conversion, you have the opportunity to choose and get the item you want—without fail! Cross Material Conversion is better than the old Material Conversion because...

  1. 1. If you find the item you want, you can get it without fail!
  2. 2. There are dozens of items that can't be found anywhere else!
  3. 3. As for costumes, it only generates the parts for your current character!
Cross Material Conversion

You can use Cross Material Conversion by talking to me, Bitna, in any hub.

Cross Material Conversion
  • When you first use the Cross Material Conversion system, all eight item slots appear empty.
  • Use a CMC Rearrange Ticket, and press [Rearrange] to display the items.
  • Any costume items that appear will be tied to the character that hits the [Rearrange] button.
  1. (1) Preview: Enables you to preview the costume pieces on your character.
  2. (2) Cross Material Conversion Pool: Where you can reset the eight items [Rearrange] or try to claim one or more items [Transfer].
  3. (3) Item List: The list of all potential items that can randomly appear.
  4. (4) HOT Item List: The list of current rare items. Hot Items only appear during a certain season or event period. View the patch notes for a break down of the hot items list! 
  5. (5) Fever: Every time you use the Rearrange feature during a Hot Item period your fever score will increase, which increases the odds of getting rare items from the Hot Items table into your pool of eight.


CMC Rearrange Tickets

- You use CMC Rearrange Tickets and press [Rearrange] to reset the pool of eight potential items.

Craft CMC Rearrange Tickets through the MatterMixer > Consumable tab (up to 20 per day, for 7 million Credits per ticket), claim them through events, or purchase them at the EMP Store.

CMC Rearrange Tickets EMP Store Cost Discount
10 tickets 300 EMP
50 tickets 1,400 EMP 7% off
100 tickets 2,700 EMP 10% off

- If you don't like the current pool of items, you can use [Rearrange] to get another eight random items from the Item List.

- Any costume items that appear will be tied to the character who hit the [Rearrange] button.

- Every time you use [Rearrange] you increase the odds of getting Hot Items in your pool.


CMC Transfer Tickets

- You press [Transfer] and use CMC Transfer Tickets to claim a random item from the current pool.

- You can get CMC Transfer Tickets from events, or buy them at the EMP Store.

CMC Transfer Tickets EMP Store Cost Discount
1 ticket 190 EMP
10 tickets 1,790 EMP 6% off
20 tickets 3,490 EMP 8% off
35 tickets 5,990 EMP 21% off

- Using the tickets randomly transfers one of the eight displayed items to your inventory.

- Regardless of rarity, each item left in the pool has the same chance. (i.e., every item has a 1 in 7 chance when 7 items are there and a 1 in 3 chance when 3 items are in the pool.)

- You can [Transfer] up to 8 times from a pool.

- The fewer items left in the pool, the more the CMC Transfer Tickets you need.

Transferring items:
Your first item costs 1 CMC Transfer Ticket.
The second item cost 2 CMC Transfer Tickets.
Your third item costs 3 CMC Transfer Tickets.
The fourth item costs 5 CMC Transfer Tickets.
The fifth item costs 5 CMC Transfer Tickets.
The sixth item costs 7 CMC Transfer Tickets.
The seventh item costs 7 CMC Transfer Tickets.
The final item in the pool costs 10 CMC Transfer Tickets.
If you’re keeping count, that means you are guaranteed to get the item you want in the pool for 40 (or fewer) CMC Transfer Tickets!

- Items already claimed have the word “GET” displayed on them.

- Transferred items go to your inventory.

I hope that explains the system. Stop by and see me and my washing machines soon!


dressing room

wearing the costume