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Busan Chapter 2 and Branch Update


Busan Chapter 2 launches Monday, May 11 after an extended maintenance, which also brings the game up to the P26 content branch.

And as a special bonus, during the month of May we’re offering a special, “Stay Home, Stay Safe” weekday buff. Enjoy a 20% increase in additional items and experience when clearing sectors weekdays (Monday through Friday) in May. 

For all the details on P26 changes, please review our patch notes on our forums.

Busan Leveling Event

Busan Chapter 2 increases the level cap for all characters to 88, and we’ve got a fresh new leveling event to help you push your Closers to the top.

Log in with any character level 10 or higher and receive an Untouchable Challenge Box (limit 1 per account) containing special +14 gear designed for leveling. You’ll also gain special rewards at levels 70, 85, and 88, including a +13 Gear Booster!

Ice Dancer Costume Set

Ice Dancer

It’s the hottest look on ice, and you’ll want to lace up your skates and slide over to the nearest Washing Machines to get it. With three color variants, four character illustrations, and a special headpiece accessory, you won’t want to miss out on this great costume.

Costume -


Mission License Season 3

Mission License season 3 starts Monday, May 11, and runs through Monday, June 8. Pick up an Event License and License Boosters in the EMP Store to maximize your rewards.

Mission License season 4

Cross Material Conversion

Enjoy special CMC discounts from Monday, May 11 to Monday, June 22, including great savings on Hot items like the Fallen Night and Dark Command sets, and a chance at the new Ice Dancer [B] costume pieces!

CMC discounts

Busan Chapter 2 special packages and chain discounts

Starting Monday, May 11, and continuing until Monday, June 8, enjoy great chain discounts on Busan Knights packages, full to the rim with fantastic items to tune up your characters’ equipment. The more you buy, the more you save!


And also in the month of May (Monday, May 11 to Monday May 25), shop the EMP store for Busan Challenger packages full of even more useful items, including CMC tickets and Alpha Equalizers. These great bundles are available in limited quantities for a limited time only, so be sure and pick some up while you can!

Yuri Birthday Celebration

Join us for cake and presents starting Sunday, May 17 at 06:00 UTC (May 16 at 11:00 PM Pacific) as we celebrate Yuri Seo’s birthday! The birthday celebration only runs for 24 hours so log in before all the cake is gone

Yuri Birthday


dressing room

wearing the costume