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Catch the Busan Z-Train!


Beginning Tuesday, May 26, the Busan Z-train update has a new event dungeon, new costumes, special item packages, and a birthday celebration!

Busan Z-Train

The Busan Z-Train event dungeon opens Tuesday, May 26.

Battle your way through cars full of zombies, then face off against a final swarm on the streets of Busan to earn Zombie Hearts, with which you can craft special event items.

Z-Train Corpse Clothes

Z-Train Corpse Clothes

Z-Train Corpse Clothes washing machines will be available from Tuesday, May 26 through Monday, July 6.

Undead fashion is coming back almost as fast as train zombies, but with these snazzy throwback threads you’ll be able to slay in style! Available in A, B, and C variants for every Closer.

Domestic C and D is BACK!

During the same period, we’re also bringing back the popular Domestic C and D variants to Bitna’s washing machine. Check out the discounted WM Packages in the EMP Store.

Zombicide Packages!


Zombicide packages will be available for purchase from Tuesday, May 26 until Monday, June 8.

To help you get back into fighting shape, the Zombicide All-in-One Package (containing 20 Zombie Hearts and other consumables), the Zombicide Premium Package (containing 10 Zombie Hearts and other consumables), and the Zombicide Fuel package (with Gear Booster and Lucky Gear Booster Fuels) will be just the thing!

Tina’s Birthday Celebration and Closers Day!

Tina’s Birthday

From Thursday, May 28 (at 0600 UTC) until Friday, May 29 (at 0559 UTC), help Tina celebrate her special day by logging in and opening your very own Birthday Box full of Cake and Luck Stabilizers!

Closers Day

The following weekend (Saturday, June 6 at 06:00 UTC until Sunday, June 7 at 05:59 UTC), log in and receive a Closers Day Celebration Box (with 1-day versions of the Draconian set, a Victory Talisman, and a +15 Gluttony core). And play for 60 minutes and you’ll receive 10 Zombie Hearts!

And on Saturday, June 13 (starting at 0600 UTC and ending the following day at 0559 UTC), you’ll receive a 30% bonus to EXP, Credits earned, and additional items when completing sectors!

Closers Day Packages!

Plus Closers Day Packages! Check them out in the EMP Store Special Product tab starting June 6. They will only be available until June 14.

Closers Super Celebration

Check out the May 26 Patch Notes - Busan Z-Train.

So all aboard for the adventure of your life!


dressing room

wearing the costume