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Choose Which Wolf Dog Releases Next!


Attention Closers!

The next Closers content update is coming on Tuesday, March 6, and we need your help! This update will allow players to decide which character releases next: Harpy or Tina! Read on for more information on how you can vote for your favorite character!

That’s not all, though! This update also brings a new level cap for Nata, a Washing Machine rebellion, and a ton of cool new costumes. Full details are below!



It’s time to choose the next Closer! The next Wolf Dogs are so good, we just can’t decide—so we’d like for you to help us!

Log in after maintenance on Tuesday, March 6, and you’ll receive 10 Wolf Dog cookies, and 10 more for every day you log-in until Tuesday, March 16, at 6:00 a.m. UTC. You’ll also receive 1 cookie for every 10 Fatigue, 1 from every PvP win during Power Hour (three times a day), and a jackpot of 70 cookies for reaching level 70 with any character!

Once you have at least 30 cookies, you can craft either a Harpy or Tina support box at MatterMixer Allan. Each box is packed full of useful consumables, and counts as one “vote” for your favorite new Closer. You can craft as many boxes as you like—for whichever character you choose—while the event is active. And if you feel particularly attached to either character, for 50 cookies you can craft an exclusive 8-bit mask to show your support!

Tina Support Box Wolf Dog Cookie Harpy Support Box

We’ll announce the winning character on our Twitch stream on Thursday, March 15—and your choice will be available to play on Tuesday, April 3.

Although voting ends on Wednesday, March 14, you will continue earning Wolf Dog cookies through completing sectors, PvP matches, and leveling characters to 70 until March 19.


Tina is a battle robot created to harness the awesome energies of Phase Power. Her unique control of Phase Power makes her a long-range character, and she is particularly suited to combatting airborne opponents. In addition, she can access imaginary space to summon various weapons as needed for the situation.

  • Age: 8 (date of manufacture)
  • Birthday: May 28
  • Weapon: Assorted military weapons
  • Weight: 99 KG / 218 LBS
  • Height: 156 CM / 5 FT 1 IN
  • Blood Type: N/A


A specialist in aerial combat, Harpy is Inspector Hong's personal aide, and she carries out standard clean-up missions with the Wolf Dogs—although she also pursues Hong’s secret order to keep the Wolf Dogs in check. Harpy’s combat style takes advantage of her speed and agility to toy with her opponents a little before she finishes them off.

  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: December 13
  • Weapon: Bionic Leg, Cards
  • Weight: 54 KG / 119 LBS
  • Height: 170 CM / 5 FT 7 IN
  • Blood Type: AB+

We’ll be publishing an event page where you can check voting progress daily! Check back next week to check out the full page.


Nata joins the rest of the Closers at level 70 with this update and we’re celebrating with a reward box! The first time a Nata hits level 70 on your account, you’ll receive a special celebration box containing:

  • +12 Crater Experience Box (1-day) x1
  • Slot Type Modification Tool x2
  • Demon King's Goblet x70
  • Sure Queen's Eye x100
  • Queen's Hand Mirror x1

But hurry! The box will only be around until Monday, March 19, at 10 p.m. PST!



The Washing Machines are back , and they’re revolting! They’ve gathered in the Cube and won’t leave until their demands are met. Rumor has it that the Washing Machines are being led by someone who looks a lot like Bitna…

Head to Gangnam Evac Center starting at level 30 to enter the Cube. There are several different difficulties, so make sure you’re prepared when you head in! Closers can enter a max of three times per day.

In addition to dropping a variety of useful crafting materials and consumables, Washing Machines will also drop materials you can use to create Amplifiers, Enhancement Materials, Trinkets, and Cosmetics!

Hurry Closers! We need you to stop the revolution before Monday, April 2, at 10 p.m. PDT!


Now that Nata can reach level 70, he can travel to Sky Ship Bridge and Dimensional Ops Center to undertake missions!



For a limited time, you can get Cat Club costumes for female Closers and Spring Cleaning costumes for male Closers!

When you're wearing six pieces of the Cat Club costume, you can activate a unique Cat Club portrait and skill cut-in! Remember, you must have the costume at 3-Stars for that portrait to enable.

Make sure to get these before they’re gone! Both costume sets leave the EMP Shop on Monday, April 2.


Nata’s Academy costumes will be coming to the EMP Shop with this update, available in three colors!

Plus, get a boost with the new Nata Starter Pack. The Starter Pack contains a school uniform, school accessory pieces, 30 days of Elite Status and a tons of cosmetics to get your Nata off to the best start possible.


From Tuesday, March 6, 10 a.m. PST, until Tuesday, March 20, 10 a.m. PST. a 15-Day Tradeable Elite box will be available on the Daily Deals page! We're testing this item out to see if it's something players are interested in, so we may bring it back in the future.


On Monday, March 5, at 10 p.m. PST, we’ll take the servers down for maintenance, and we expect to be back online with the Harpy Versus Tina Update on Tuesday, March 6. See you then!