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Closers’ Rampage Cube Update Is Coming


Attention, Closers! The Rampage Cube is coming to Closers with the Monday, January 8 update!

But that’s not the only thing coming with this update. Levia’s level cap increases to 65, a bunch of events are kicking off, and new costumes will be available. Read on for the full details!

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Rampage Cube

The Cube used for UNION promotions has run amok and is now generating evil doppelgangers with the power of past challengers. The only people who can enter the Rampage Cube and live to tell the tale are those who have bested it in the past. We need all Closers of level 55 and above to head to the Gangnam Evac area and shut down the Rampage Cube! This will be one of your greatest challenges yet, so we’d advise entering with a full squad.

Defeating the doppelgangers within not only gets you a variety of valuable consumables, but also Rampage Tokens that can be used to craft Epic Trinkets, Epic Amplifiers, and even UNION Agent Costumes! Visit MatterMixer Allan to get started with your crafting. Completing the Rampage Cube enough times will even grant you two exclusive titles!

But hurry! The Rampage Cube is only here until Monday, January 22, at 10 p.m. PST. Once the Cube closes, you have until Monday, February 5, at 10 p.m. PST to craft the associated rewards.

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Welcome 2018 Event

We’re starting the new year out on the right foot, with a 2018 Celebration Event! Until Monday, January 22, at 10 p.m. PST, you can get a boost for playing early in the year.

During the event period, logging in during the weekday will earn you one 2018 Token per day, while logging in during the weekend will get you two. You can also get an additional daily token by playing a Levia character for 100 minutes, once per day (more details in the next section). Use these tokens to craft a variety of rewards!

Required Tokens Crafted Item Restrictions
10 Tokens 2018 New Year Gift Box, containing:
1 Gardening Voucher (3-Day)
1 Maid Service Voucher (3-Day)
1 Enhancement Fortifier
1 Enhancement Boost II
1 -1 Gear Booster
Once per account
5 Tokens UNION Sector of the Day Accessory Box Once per account
3 Tokens Chick Hat [Event] Once per character
1 Token Enhancement Support (7-Day) Once a week, per character
1 Token Fast Dual Recovery Capsule x10 Once a day, per account

We’ll also be sending a different reward each day for the first 10 days that you log in during the event period!

  • Day 1: Resurrection Capsule ×5
  • Day 2: Performance Fabric Treatment ×1
  • Day 3: +10 Gear Booster ×1
  • Day 4: Splendid Phase Fiber ×5
  • Day 5: Lucky Chick Pet Egg Container ×1
  • Day 6: Quality Assurance Seal ×10
  • Day 7: Overclocked Equalizer ×1
  • Day 8: Enhancement Boost II ×1
  • Day 9: Enhancement Fortifier ×1
  • Day 10: Toast in the Mouth Cosmetic ×1

Each of these rewards is claimable once per account. Remember, server days roll over at 10 p.m. PST (6 a.m. UTC), so plan accordingly to maximize your 2018 Tokens!

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Levia Level-Up Event

Starting with this update, Levia will be able to hit level 65! Not only will you get a reward box for hitting level 65—you’ll get one extra 2018 Token a day by playing with a Levia character for at least 100 minutes!

Here’s what you can find in the Level 65 Celebration Box:

  • Luck Stabilizer ×10
  • Gear Booster Fuel IV ×5
  • Scavenger’s Gold Treasure Chest ×3
  • Resurrection Capsule ×11

But hurry! These rewards will only be available until Monday, January 22, 10 p.m. PST!

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Get ready to accessorize for the new year! We’re releasing a TON of new stuff in the in-game EMP Shop, including new costumes, pets, and accessories.

New Levia costume and item bundles featuring the following costume sets:

  • Verita Brigadier Costume
  • Academy Costumes
  • Winter Costumes

Dress up for the new year with the Moon costumes!

Who wouldn’t want a Rank A Agent of their very own to bring home? Look at how cute he is.

The Domestic costume set is coming to Bitna’s shop! Until Monday, February 5, at 10 p.m. PST, you can exchange any 3-Star Domestic costume pieces that you get from Bitna for their Onyx equivalents by swapping your costume piece and 10 Splendid Phase Fiber at MatterMixer Allan!

These costumes all have special emotes and animations! Get a sneak peek below.

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See you after the update! We go into downtime on Monday, January 8, at 10 p.m. PST and expect to be back online within two hours.

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Levia Level Expansion

  • Levia can now reach level 65! This also means that you can travel to the International Airport and Planar Gate Dimensional Rift 5 with your Levia character.
  • We’ve kicked off the Levia Level-Up Event! Get more information above.



  • Holiday items are leaving the store.
  • The Levia Premium Package will no longer be available.
  • We’ve added a ton of new items to the in-game EMP Shop! Get a brief overview above.

Bitna Update

  • We’ve added the Domestic costume set to the possible loot pool.
  • The buff on Dark Command accessory drops ends with this update.


  • We’ve added a costume achievement for the Dark Command set. This achievement can only be obtained via costume combination. If you’ve already earned the Dark Command costumes by costume combination, you will receive the achievement automatically.


dressing room

wearing the costume