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Closers Spring Cleaning Sale, May 15–21!


It's the Closers Spring Cleaning Sale! Get ready to enjoy six days of great Daily Deals, plus special EMP purchase rewards throughout the sale!

From Tuesday, May 15 until Monday, May 21, we’ve got unique deals in the Closers Daily Deals page.

Don’t have enough EMP to take advantage of all these Daily Deals? Hit the “Purchase EMP” button on your launcher (or the “Recharge” button in the EMP Store), and we’ll send you additional rewards based on how much EMP you buy:

  • 1,000 EMP: 5 Premium Pirate Washing Machines and 2 Dimensional Gels (Season 1).
  • 2,200 EMP: A Hyperclocked Equalizer, an Enhancement Fortifier, and 3 Dimensional Gels (Season 1).
  • 4,600 EMP: 10 Premium Pirate Washing Machines, 200 Greater Phase Fibers, and 5 Dimensional Gels (Season 1).
  • 12,000 EMP: 30 days of Elite Status, a Maid Service Voucher (30-Day), a Gardening Voucher (30-Day), and 10 Dimensional Gels (Season 1).
  • 35,000 EMP: A Dark Command Accessory Full Set Box, 20 Premium Pirate Washing Machines, a +12 Gear Booster, and 15 Dimensional Gels (Season 1).

Before you buy, remember that although you can purchase as much EMP as you’d like, each EMP reward is obtainable once per account, and you only get the rewards associated with the EMP tier you purchase (ex: a purchase of 12,000 EMP only qualifies you for those rewards, and you will not receive rewards for lower tiers unless you make a subsequent EMP purchase of the appropriate amount).


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