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Domestic Costumes!


These costumes serve up new idles, illustrations, and emotes!


On Monday, December 9, after the update, Closers will have updated Domestic Costumes available for all 15 Closers!


  • Each variant gets its own unique illustration now, including Onyx.
  • A 7th accessory costume has been added to each variant that unlocks their special illustration.
    • Obtaining an armband accessory with also unlock a special MIXED character illustration.

Costume Set Details:

Variants Ruby, Sapphire, and Cerulean:

  • 6-piece Costume Set Bonus: Unlocks the special Town Hub animation.
  • 7-Piece Costume Set Bonus: Unlocks special character illustration and special mixed character illustration.

Variant Onyx:

  • 2-Star 6-piece: Unlocks Town Hub Idle animation
  • 2-Star 7-piece: Special character illustration and special mixed character illustration
  • 3-Star 6-piece: Unlocks special Domestic Service emote

You can get variants Ruby and Sapphire in the in-game EMP Store, while variants Cerulean and Onyx come from Bitna’s Washing Machines.


The Lore behind the Costumes

Many organizations use uniforms to keep their members mindful of duty and the values the organization stands for. While Closers are most known for fighting off extradimensional armies, the duty they perform is actually service to the community. If the best way to understanding a part is by dressing the part, then what better way to understand service than by dressing like a servant?


While UNION felt the domestic costume itself was message enough for its members, the Closers’ ultimate fanboy, Count D, wasn’t just content with dressing the Closers as servants. He believed he could really bring home the values of service first, by bringing all fifteen Closers into his Dream Theater and making them live life as servants.

While dressed in the domestic costumes, each Closer lived a different life in Count D’s Dream Theater. Instead of cutting down monsters, some were cutting vegetables for dinner. Instead of teeing up for a hot battle, some were ensuring the tea was properly hot. Instead of driving bosses to the ground, some were driving their masters on errands. Instead of tidying up the streets, some were tidying up the house.

The Black Lambs, Wolfdogs, and Wildhüters may not remember the events that occurred in the Dream Theater, but their psyches will always carry the lessons and pride of service well done.

You’d think the Closers would find domestic work demeaning, but it’s hard to argue with a crazy extradimensional being, or his results. These Closers do think service first.


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