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Gremory Laboratory is Back!


The latest Closers update is fast approaching! We go into downtime to release the update on Monday, October 1, at 10 p.m. PDT. We expect downtime to last about two hours. Read on for the full update details!


  • Return to Gremory’s Laboratory—Gremory’s Advanced Laboratory re-opens its doors with this update. This also introduces the “Transcendental” PNA Grade. Special Strains can be updated to transcendental level 5.
  • Violet gets promoted to Special Operative! Requirements for Special Operative quests are reduced, starting with this update.
  • Introducing Contribution Points! Complete Daily and Weekly objectives to earn Contribution Points. Exchange those Contribution Points for fantastic prizes!
  • Closers gets an upgrade! This update features a ton of quality-of-life improvements to Closers.
    • Reduced client load time.
    • The skill preset system arrives in this update. Now you can set up a separate skill set for PvE and PvP! Make sure to set your skills up for PvP before your first match!
    • You can now claim all of your housing exploration rewards with a single click.
    • Refreshed UNION Watch tasks and reward items!
    • Black Market Costume Preview—Try on a costume before you buy it in the Black Market!
    • You can split item stacks with CTRL+Right Mouse Button.
    • New character selection lobbies!
  • Express yourself with emojis! Learn more about the system by clicking “Escape,” then navigating to the emoji menu.
  • Player Reporting—You can now report players for bad behavior. If you see someone in chat who is misbehaving, report them with the command “/report Character Name.” You can also right-click on a player to report them.
  • Planar Gate: Deep Layer—This is now a separate area that Ran can take you to.
  • Class Rebalancing—All Closers have received class balancing across the board for PvE and PvP. Please note, this is not the final localization for skill descriptions. We will be doing further updates to these in a future localization update.
  • Trade Limit Increases—We increased the daily limit on traded item value in this update. (Trade limits reset at 4 a.m. server time.) An item’s value is determined by its average Black Market listing price. Your trade limit increases as you level up.
    • Level 1: 10,000,000 credits
    • Level 40: 20,000,000 credits
    • Level 60: 50,000,000 credits
    • Level 70: 100,000,000 credits
    • Level 80: 200,000,000 credits
  • Great Purge Boss Re-Schedule—new bosses for the daily schedule:
    • Monday: Harpas and Yod
    • Tuesday: Tindalos
    • Wednesday: Tindalos and Harpas
    • Thursday: Harpas
    • Friday: Tindalos and Yod
    • Saturday: Tindalos and Harpas
    • Sunday: Tindalos, Harpas, and Yod
  • Crew Point flag purchase costs are reduced from previous updates:
    • Gold Crew Flag: Reduced from 1,000,000 to 800,000 Crew Ranking Points
    • Silver Crew Flag: Reduced from 500,000 to 300,000 Crew Ranking Points
    • Bronze Crew Flag: Reduced from 200,000 to 100,000 Crew Ranking Points
    • Black Crew Flag: Reduced from 50,000 to 30,000 Crew Ranking Points
  • Great Purge Crafting Reductions
    • Contaminated Dimensional Crystal: Reduced Gummy Residue requirement from 10 to 5.
    • Contaminated Dimensional Essence: Reduced Sticky Residue requirement from 10 to 5.
    • Contamination Crystal: Reduced Amplified Dimensional Essence from 10 to 5.
  • Dark Command Skin changes—Another version of Tina’s VO pack will be available to players: the original version (from Korean servers). The aura effect is being changed to a burning particle effect.
  • Pet food is now automatically consumed by your pet at the end of a stage.


  • Gremory Advanced Laboratory Event—A collection of login rewards, playtime items, and power-ups to support your exploration of Gremory’s Laboratory!
    • 7-Day Login Reward
      Day Item Name Amount
      1 Advanced Central Laboratory Support Box 1
      2 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit 1
      3 Advanced Evolution Material Capsule 1
      4 Gremory's Greater Research Notes 1
      5 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit 1
      6 Advanced Evolution Material Capsule 1
      7 Gremory's Greater Research Notes 2
    • The Support Box contains:
      Advanced CEntral Laboratory Support Box
      11 Resurrection Capsules 1
      Fast Dual Recovery Capsule 20
      Luck Stabilizer 10
      Gremory's Mischievous Eye (7-Day) 1
      Dr. Gremory's Lovely Rainbow Halo (7-Day) 1
    • Weekend Play Time Event—Rewards are given out once per account.
      • Greater Phase Fiber x20Dioxin CleanerEnhancement Boost II x2
        1st Week
        Time 10/6/2018 Items 10/7/2018 Items
        Log In Victory Talisman Box (1-Day) Resurrection Capsule ×5
        30 Minutes Pet Food x10
        60 Minutes Luck Stabilizer x10
        90 Minutes Quality Assurance Seal x10
        120 Minutes Gear Booster +11 / +12 / +13 Random Box Hyperclocked Equalizer
      • Chip ProtectorLatest Chip Random BoxSlot Type Modification Tool
        2nd Week
        Time 10/13/2018 Items 10/14/2018 Items
        Log In Fast Dual Recovery Capsule x20 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule x20
        30 Minutes UNION Gear Lubricant x2
        60 Minutes Sticky Residue x20
        90 Minutes Perfect PNA Evolution Kit
        120 Minutes Enhancement Fortifier Enhancement Fortifier
    • Crafting Event—Clearing the stage will get you a Gremory Token. Collect Gremory Tokens and craft rewards! Materials and the craft list expire Monday, October 22, at 10 p.m. PDT.
      Material Amount Result Item Name Result Item Amount Restriction
      5 Luck Stabilizer 3 Once per character per day
      10 Maid Service Voucher (1-Day) 1 Once per account per week
      10 Gardening Voucher (1-Day) 1 Once per account per week
      15 Elite Status Voucher (1-Day) 1 Once per account per week
      25 Enhancement Boost II 2 Once per account per week
      35 Wedding Mini Washing Machine 1 Once per account per week
      40 Piggyback Moon Rabbit [Event] 1 Once per character
      40 Magic School Stray Cat [Event] 1 Once per character
      40 Devilish Horns [Event] 1 Once per character
      100 Gremory Happy Random Box 1 Once per account
    • Gremory Happy Random Box rewards a single random item from the below list:
      Gremory Happy Random Box
      Super Advanced Evolution Material Capsule 1
      Super Advanced Evolution Material Capsule 2
      Perfect PNA Evolution Kit 3
      Perfect PNA Evolution Kit 10
      Gremory's Mischievous Eye (Permanent, 3-star, cannot be traded) 1
      Dr. Gremory's Lovely Rainbow Halo (Permanent, 3-star, cannot be traded) 1
      • All of the above Gremory events will end with the Monday, October 15, maintenance, unless otherwise stated.
    • Violet Promotion Celebration
      • Special rewards available on your first login—including a temporary Cybernetic 10-Piece Set and Elite Status—and then at levels 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, and 83. (If your Violet has already reached a given milestone level, you’ll receive the appropriate rewards with no additional play requirement.)
      • Violet Crafting Event
        Amount Craft Result Item Craft Restriction
        5 Rapid Dual Recovery Capsule ×10 Once a day per character
        20 Shining Phase Fiber Box ×1 5 per account
        20 Enhancement Boost II ×1 Once a day per account
        30 Quality Assurance Seal ×10 3 per account
        40 Splendid Gear Booster Box ×1 (+10/+11/+12) 2 per account
        60 UNION Finest Day of the Week Accessory Box 2 per account
        80 Enhancement Fortifier ×1 Once per account
        • Completing sectors with Violet earns you materials you can use to craft event rewards. Materials and the craft list expire Monday, November 5, at 10 p.m. PDT.
        • All the above Violet events will end with the Monday, October 29 maintenance unless stated otherwise.
    • Events Ending with Downtime
      • Great Purge Event
      • Special Operative Tina Event
      • Wolfgang Release Event


New Products:

  • PNA and Dr. Gremory Pet Package (Limit: one per account.)
    • Super Advanced Evolution Material Capsule ×3
    • Perfect PNA Evolution Kit ×30
    • Mini Dr. Gremory Pet Package ×1
    • 11 Resurrection Capsules ×5
    • Elite Status Voucher (30-Day) ×1
  • Contribution Premium Package (Limit: two per account.)
    • Contribution Medal +2,000 ×1
    • Hyperclocked Equalizer ×5
    • UNION Gear Lubricant ×20
    • Victory Talisman Box (1-Day) ×3
  • Domestic Washing Machine Bundle, at 51% off! (Limit: three per account.)
    • Black Lambs Domestic Washing Machine
    • Wolf Dogs Domestic Washing Machine
  • Nata and Harpy Moon Costume Packages
  • Violet Special Operative Package (once per Violet). Discounted until the Monday, October 15, downtime!
    • Ambitious Phase Stabilizer (Violet only) ×30
      • Extra EXP 200%
    • Ambitious Freshly-Made Carp Bread (Violet only) ×100
      • HP/MP 100% Recovery
    • Luck Stabilizer ×50
    • Resurrection Capsule ×30
    • Sloty Type Change Tool ×5
    • Rainbow Dimensional Essence ×400
    • Sealed Queen's Eye ×300
    • Alien Pressure Valve ×150
    • Sticky Residue ×15
    • Phase Fiber ×100
    • Ambitious 3-Star Boss Weapon Random Box ×
  • Mini Violet Pet Adult and Egg Container

Products Leaving the Store:

  • Transcendence Package
  • Mini Tina Pet Adult / Egg Container
  • Harpy Special Operative Package
  • Harpy Starter Pack Discount
  • Dragon's Breath Washing Machine 30% discount package (limit 3 per account)


Until the Monday, October 29, maintenance, you can trade in any Domestic Costume Piece, plus 10 Splendid Phase Fiber, and get the Onyx equivalent!

  • New Products
    • Noble Night Washing Machines
    • Black Lamb and Wolf Dog Domestic Washing Machines
  • Products Leaving Bitna’s Shop
    • Wolfgang Royal Rose


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