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It’s Cyber Summer!



Summer Event Stage

Players can complete Summer Event Stages—featuring special summer versions of familiar enemies—and get a chance at special swimsuit costume drops.

Cybernetics Costumes

It's a new era of signature costumes! Cybernetics costumes replace Dark Command in costume combination.

Levia Special Operative

You can promote Levia to Special Operative.

The Special Operative promotion quest starts at level 67 in the Sky Ship Bridge.

Levia Leveling Event

  • Level your Levia between now and Monday, August 27, and receive special reward boxes, starting with your first login after maintenance! If your Levia has already passed a milestone level, just log in and you’ll receive the appropriate rewards with no additional play requirement. Rewards go all the way to 80 and include crating items, a full set of the new Cybernetics costume (3-day), and more!
  • Clear sectors with a Levia character to earn Levia Tokens. Collect Levia Tokens to craft a variety of rewards, including Fast Dual Recover Capsules, Random Phase Fiber Boxes, and UNION Superior Accessory Boxes. These tokens (and the opportunity to create something with them) expire on Tuesday, September 11, at 6 a.m. server time.
  • Through Monday, September 24, players can use their Demon King’s Goblets and Sealed Queen’s Eyes (available from high-level dimensional rift sectors) plus regular crafting materials to craft Levia's Vulture Corp. Special Operative costume.


On July 30, during downtime, the following events come to an end:

  • Violet Release Event
  • J Special Agent Event
  • UNION Division HQ Event


We’ve got a couple of new costumes for Violet:

  • UNION Guard
  • Academy Premium costume packs

You can also visit the EMP Shop to pick up these items:

  • Mini Levia Pet Egg/Adult Package
  • Levia Vulture Corp. Special Operative Pack

Bitna Updates

  • Added Tide Swimsuit costumes to Bitna’s Shop! Check out the Tide portraits below. There are three versions of each portrait, matching the color of the specific costume. We've included a sample portrait for one of each of the color varieties below. Unlock the costume set to get the corresponding color pallet portrait!
  • Added Violet Icon Washing Machines, which can yield anything from Fast Dual Recovery Capsules to Cyber Angel Wings.
  • Replaced Dark Command accessories with Cybernetic accessories in Bitna’s Shop.
  • Removed Swim Meet, Violet Sovereign, and Cheer Squad items from Bitna’s Shop.


dressing room

wearing the costume