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Join the Midnight Crusade!


Midnight Crusader, Santa, and Seth’s Academy Costumes

A trio of incredible costume options are coming your way on Monday, December 23 after maintenance.

First up, we’ve got Midnight Crusader costumes for the following Closers, the perfect look for your upcoming battles against the dimensional overlord Beelzebub.

  • Black Lambs: Seha, Sylvi, Yuri
  • Wolf Dogs: Nata, Harpy, Levia, Tina, Violet
  • Wildhüter: Luna, Bai, Soma, Seth

You can find three variants of the five pieces of this set (with optional hair) in select washing machines—and from Monday, December 23 until Monday, January 27, you can get great discounts on washing machine bundles in the cash store.

The Midnight Crusader Washing Machine Special Package (9,990 EMP) contains:

  • Midnight Crusader Washing Machine ×140
  • Midnight Crusader Player’s Piece Random Box ×3

And the Midnight Crusader Washing Machine Premium Package (4,990 EMP) contains:

  • Midnight Crusader Washing Machine ×65
  • Midnight Crusader Player’s Piece Random Box ×1

Midnight Crusader Set Details:

Variants (A / B / C)

History of the Midnight Crusade

One hundred and fifty years before the first Dimensional War, a group of adventurers banded together to combat supernatural beings in Victorian England. While the exact details of their missions have been lost to time, earlier this year, a sketchbook was found with designs for these OG crusaders’ formal uniforms and leisure attire.

UNION tailors have been able to recreate these garments and augment them with everything a modern Closer needs to fight—and win—a battle with alien monsters, and get home in plenty of time for tea.

Other Sales

More Santa, More Closers!


Finally, help Bai get into the holiday spirit with a special re-issue of our popular Santa’s Helper Washing Machines, along with the Santa’s Snow Dude accessory and Santa’s Helper Character image!

Seth gets her Academy costume!


If thrilling heroics aren’t your thing, go back to school with the Seth’s Academy costume! This 5-piece set also has three variants, plus a Half-Rim Glasses accessory, available in Seth Academy Premium Packages in the cash store (1,990 EMP).


dressing room

wearing the costume