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July 17 Patch Notes


The next Closers update is right around the corner! Venture into UNION Division HQ and experience the exciting culmination of the Closers Season 2 story! What’s next for the Black Lambs and Wolf Dogs? Play through and see!

After downtime on Monday, July 16 at 10 p.m. PDT, you can log in and start enjoying the new content, including:

UNION Division HQ

Added new quests, achievements, titles, and event rewards, including a special reward box on your first login (one per account).

Completing sectors in UNION Division HQ will earn you White Cotton Scraps, which you can use to craft special event items. White Cotton Scraps will drop until the Monday, July 30, maintenance. White Cotton Scraps, and associated crafting items, will expire Tuesday, August 7, 6 a.m. server time.

New Raid: Subjugation - David

  • Required level: 77
  • Entry item: Silver Key Card (Crafted)
  • Daily Entrances: 3
  • Accessibility: Raid tab of the MissionMinder

Special Agent Misteltein

Mistel can now be promoted to Special Agent.

  • The Special Agent Promotion quests starts at level 67 in the Sky Ship Bridge.

Mistel Leveling Event

  • Special rewards available on your first login, and levels 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, and 80. If your Mistel has already reached a milestone level, you’ll receive the appropriate rewards with no additional play requirement. This event will be active until the Monday, August 13, maintenance.

Mistel Crafting Event

  • Completing sectors with Misteltein earn you Special Agent Misteltein certificates, which are used to craft event rewards. Crafting tokens will drop until Monday, August 13, 10 p.m. PDT. Use them quickly! Crafting materials and the crafting list will be removed on Tuesday, August 28, 6 a.m. server time.

Mistel Special Agent Costume

  • Completing the Special Agent Promotion quest awards the player with a temporary costume box, and the option to craft a permanent version. You will have until the Monday, September 10, maintenance to craft your costume.

New Mistel Tuning options

  • When tuning level 75 weapon cores and modules with Mistel, there is a chance to get EX skill options on your gear.


We’ve added a weekend play time event for the weekends of July 21 and 28, running from 6 a.m. server time on Saturday until 6 a.m. server time Monday mornings.

Rewards are based on accumulated play time, granted at login and at 30/60/90/120 minutes.

The Special Agent Sylvi, Fatigue Removal, and World Cup Cheering events end with maintenance on Monday, July 9.

Washing Machines

For all characters except Violet, you can now obtain Bunny Girl/Bunny Boy washing machines. Violet can now obtain Domestic costume pieces.

Shop Updates

New items arrive in the shop!

  • Misteltein SA Package
  • Mini Mistel Pet
  • Mini Sylvi Pet
  • Violet and Harpy Caregiver costumes
  • Violet Black Suit costume
  • And more!


dressing room

wearing the costume