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Levia Joins the Closers


The first of the Wolf Dogs is joining the Closers!

Following the downtime on Monday, December 18, please welcome Levia—a dimensional monster who learned to love peace. Although she was assigned to work with the Wolf Dogs, Levia dislikes fighting...but feels that she must follow orders, and do what she can to help humanity.

The Levia update kicks off leveling events and costume deals to celebrate the newest Closer, but that’s not all. This update also introduces housing to Closers, as well as the winter event stage: Snow Day Operation!

Remember, downtime for the Levia update begins at 10 p.m. PST on Monday, December 18. We expect to be back online within two hours. Read on to get the full update details!

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Housing is coming to Closers with the December 19 Levia Update! Starting at level 16, you can express your style and take some time off from running missions for UNION in either “Your Room” or the “Garden!”


Your Room is a space you can customize as you see fit by placing a variety of Features that you collect either in-game or through the in-game shop. You can dance with your pets, organize and interact with your furniture, or just hang out! You can even change the overall theme of your room to match your personality.

Your Room allows your characters and pets to go exploring in search of items to bring back home! The higher Your Room’s level, the more areas you can explore! Hire Celine’s maid service for a variety of buffs and more areas to explore!


Head to the Garden to enjoy the sun, let your Closers relax, and do some gardening. In the Garden, money and a whole bunch of other items really do grow on trees! Plant seeds, go run some missions, and come back to harvest your crop of consumables, credits, and more!

Hire Alraune to tend to your Garden and grow a greater variety of items, which bear fruit more often!


As a special housewarming gift, players who login before Monday, January 8, at 10 p.m. PDT will get a package delivered to their inbox! The pack concludes:

  • A voucher good for one day of Celine’s maid service.
  • A voucher that will get you Alraune’s Garden help for one day.
  • A special ticket that will instantly complete all ongoing exploration missions.

Welcome home!

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A chill is in the air and extra-dimensional entities are on the loose! From now until Monday, January 8, at 10 p.m. PST, the Snow Day Operation is on!

Beginning at level 30, players can head to the Disaster Recovery Center to start the Snow Day Operation Event. This event is made up of multiple quests across three separate stages: Winter Gangnam Station, Snowy Suburban Road, and Frozen Lake. Each stage can be entered twice a day, with one additional entry for elite players.

In addition to a boatload of experience and quest rewards, the Snow Day Operation stages drop a variety of crafting materials used to create unique rewards, such as icy weapon skins and holiday outfits!

But beware, you’ll have to challenge some fearsome, frosty foes if you wish to claim this operation’s special rewards!

Hurry to the Disaster Control Area, Closers! Good luck!

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Too much clothing in your closet? Starting with the Levia Update, the Costume Combination system is open for business! This is a brand new system that gives you a chance at obtaining some of the rarest costumes in the game!

  • Combine two costumes for a chance at a rare result using Synchro Fiber!
  • If you don’t get a rare costume from your combination, you can select either a base costume, or a random costume as a result.
    • The Material Costume used in the process will be consumed if you select a base costume.
    • If you select a random costume, both the base and material costume are consumed to grant you a new costume!
  • Only 2 and 3-Star costumes can be combined. The higher the star count, the better chance of success at a rare costume!

The costumes that are part of the rare pool may rotate from time to time. At launch, successes will result in pieces of the Dark Command set! Even if you don’t succeed on the first try, you can still get Sonata and Swimsuit costumes as random options! Please note: Top, bottom, leg, and arm costume pieces are available for swimsuits through this system. Collect them all for a custom emote!

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Pit yourself against opponents, prove you're the best, and earn rewards!

The UNION Arena is a 1v1 PvP mode that matches you randomly against other Closers. Win two out of three games and you'll get rewards! Winning in the UNION Arena gets you PvP EXP for your Arena level and AP (Arena Points). AP can be used for crafting items, AND factors into your UNION Arena ranking for the week.

Every Saturday at 6 a.m. UTC, the UNION Arena ranking resets. Once the reset happens, you can grab your rewards from the previous week, and begin making progress for the following week. The higher your rank, the better your rewards!

Rank Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Reward 4 Reward 5
Rank 1 Gold Medals ×500 Gold Malek Statues ×30 1st Grade Honor Box ×1 Master Materials Box ×1 Master Consumables Box ×1
Rank 2 Gold Medals ×400 Gold Malek Statues ×25 2nd Grade Honor Box ×1 Master Materials Box ×1 Master Consumables Box ×1
Rank 3 Gold Medals ×350 Gold Malek Statues ×20 3rd Grade Honor Box ×1 Master Materials Box ×1 Master Consumables Box ×1
Rank 4-10 Gold Medals ×300 Gold Malek Statues ×15 4th Grade Honor Box ×1 Master Materials Box ×1 Master Consumables Box ×1
Rank 11-30 Silver Medals ×300 Gold Malek Statues ×10 5th Grade Honor Box ×1 Master Materials Box ×1
Rank 31-100 Bronze Medals ×300 Gold Malek Statues ×5 6th Grade Honor Box ×1
Participation Reward Bronze Medals ×250 Gold Malek Statues ×2

Once you've collected your medals from the previous week, head over to MatterMixer Allan to craft your rewards! Once you construct all of the possible rewards, hang out on your throne, and reflect upon your past victories!

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Trainer’s Welcome Box Login Event

Get a Welcome Box for the first time you log in with Levia! The box contains:

  • Fatigue Removal Potion
  • Dark Command Full Set (1-day)
  • 3-Star Midnight Phase Wings (1-day)

All Levia characters can claim a box, but you must log in by January 8, 10 p.m. PST to get yours!

Levia Level Up Support Event

Get rewards in your mailbox for hitting leveling milestones with Levia:

Lv. 30 Support Box Lv. 40 Support Box Lv. 50 Support Box Lv. 60 Support Box
Victory Talisman (1-Day) High-output Equalizer ×1 UNION Gear Lubricant ×2 Overclocked Equalizer ×1
Quality Assurance Seal ×10 Chromatic Phase Essence ×10 GearBooster Fuel IV ×3 Performance Fabric Treatment ×1
Lucky Phase Token ×1 Ordinary Tuning Plug ×10 Random Elite Skill Cube ×1 Random Epic Skill Cube ×1

Items can be moved through account storage, but make sure to use them before 10 p.m. PST on January 15. After that point, they’ll be gone for good!

Collect Levia Tokens for Rewards!

Completing a stage that costs at least 10 Fatigue will get you a Levia Promotion Token! Collect these tokens and trade them in for rewards.

Tokens Required Crafted Item Craft Restrictions
10 Tokens Fast Dual Recovery Capsule x10 Once per character a day
20 Tokens Familiar Choker [Event] Once per character
20 Tokens Familiar Staff [Event] Once per character
20 Tokens Familiar Shackles [Event] Once per character
30 Tokens Quality Assurance Seal ×5 5 times per account
80 Tokens UNION Sector of the Day Accessory Box ×1 Twice per account

Don’t wait to spend your tokens! You only have until 10 p.m. PST on Monday, January 22 to craft items.

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'Tis the season for a Closers Holiday Event! To bring in the season, you'll get a special Closers Holiday Bundle once per account, just for logging in before Monday, January 8, at 10 p.m. PST! This bundle is full of stocking stuffers such as:

  • White Lamb Arm-Hugger
  • Luck Stabilizer
  • Elite Status Voucher (1-Day)

But that's not all! The more you play throughout the Holiday event period, the more rewards you'll be able to craft with Holiday Event Tokens! Some of the items you can craft include:

  • Reindeer Antlers Cosmetic Item
  • Shining Red Nowe Cosmetic Item
  • White Frames Cosmetic Item
  • Enhancement Materials
  • Resurrection Capsules
  • And more!

Each prize requires Holiday Tokens to create, which can be earned by completing stages that consume at least 10 stamina. But hurry! Holiday Tokens will stop dropping after Monday, January 8, at 10 p.m. PST. Then, any remaining Tokens left in your inventory will be deleted on Monday, January 22, at 10 p.m. PST.

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If you’re an expert tailor or a fashionista, now’s your time to shine! Until Monday, January 8, 10 p.m. PST, we’re running some events to help you obtain and craft rare costumes!

High-Efficiency Washing Machine Event

Throughout the costume event period, your chances will be doubled to obtain Dark Command Accessories from Bitna’s Washing Machines!

Synchro Fiber for All!

Your first character to log in when we return from the Monday, December 18, downtime will receive a Synchro Fiber! Use yours to craft a rare costume via the new Costume Combination system.

Get Greater Fiber Every Day

Playing for at least 5 minutes every day throughout the event period will get you 10 Greater Fibers that you can use towards upgrading a 2-Star costume to the 3-Star level! Getting each day’s reward will result in a total of 210 Greater Fibers!

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See you tonight, Monday, December 18! We go into downtime at 10 p.m. PST and expect to be back online within two hours.

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  • We added a new Closer: Levia, the Witch!
  • We added Levia costumes, story, and more.
  • We also added Levia login and crafting events. Get the full details above!




  • The Snow Day Operation has begun! Challenge special stages and get limited-time rewards until Monday, January 8, at 10 p.m. PST. Learn more here.


The Costume Combination System is open for business!

  • Combine two costumes for a chance at a rare result.
  • If you don’t get a rare costume from your combination, you can select either a base costume, or a random costume as a result.
    • If you select the base costume, the Material Costume used in the process will be consumed.
    • If you select a random costume, both the base and material costume are consumed.
  • Only 2- and 3-Star costumes can be combined. The better the costume’s quality, the better your chances of obtaining a rare costume!


  • We added the Ivory Icon costumes for Levia.
  • The four Dark Command accessory pieces are now included.
  • Evil Bitna Pet Egg and Adult Pet Package are now lurking in the Washing Machines!

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