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Log in to Create Your New Bai!


Create your new Closer now—then log in after April 23 to start playing her!

Heads up, Closers! You can now log in to Closers and create your very own Bai!

Bai becomes playable after Tuesday, April 23—at which point you can log in with Bai and play through her story.

If you’re dying to know more about this cryomancer Closer, check out the Bai promo page, where we’ll unlock a little more of her story up until launch.

Login Event

Starting at 12:01 a.m. PDT on Tuesday, April 9, and continuing until 11:59 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, April 23, every player who logs in receives a special item in their EMP Delivery Box. This item—"Suspicious Package from Bai"—contains:

Character Pet Egg Random Box ×1 Elite Status (3-Day) ×1 Zenith 10-Set Box (1-Day) ×10

If you pre-create a Bai character (from April 9-23), you will also receive a “Bai Pre-Registration Box” after maintenance concludes on April 23. This box contains:

Maid Service Voucher (7-Day) ×1 Gardening Voucher (7-Day) ×1 Phase Stabilizer ×10 +12 Gear Booster ×1 Reanimator ×20

Daily Accumulated Login Event: April 9–23

Every day during this event, players can earn up to 10 Ice Crystals by logging in and playing Closers for a certain amount of time:

Login 60 minutes 120 minutes 180 minutes
1 2 3 4

These Ice Crystals can be used to craft gear upgrade components or cosmetics:

Craft Material Material Amount Craft Result Craft Restriction
Ice Crystals 10 Resurrection Capsule ×3 n/a
Ice Crystals 25 Shue's Glasses [Event] 1 per account
Ice Crystals 50 Alpha Equalizer 1 per account

Dungeon Play Event: April 9–23

Every day during the Dungeon Play event, players can earn Ice Shards by completing dungeons in Closers (not including the tutorial). These Ice Shards can be used to craft:

Craft Material Material Amount Craft Result Craft Restriction
Ice Shards 5 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule ×5 1 per character per day
Ice Shards 15 Victory Talisman (1-Day) 1 per account per day
Ice Shards 50 Bai's Training Box 1 per account

Bai’s Training Box contains:

Elite Status (3-Day) Phase Stabilizer ×10 Cryomancer's 2-Star Hair Random Box Planar Gate Exploration Support Box II [Level 63–70] ×2 UNION Advanced Day of the Week Accessory Box

Closers Daily Deals

To help celebrate Bai’s arrival, we’ve got three special packs available for purchase. These great deals are chocked-full of must-have items for your new character.

First up, a pair of pre-release packs just for Bai.

Bai’s Pre-Order Premium Starter Pack. This pack can only be opened by Bai, and can only be purchased from the in-game EMP Store, once per account. (Offer ends Monday, April 22.)

Visual Slot Expansion Set 1
Bai's Han High School 6-Piece Costume (2-Star) 1
Bai's Summer Shoes (2-Star) 1
Bai's Han High School Shoes (2-Star) 1
High School Accessory Costume (2-Star)
Elite Status (30-Day) 1
Fast Dual Recovery Capsule 100
Resurrection Capsule 50
Phase Stabilizer 50
Luck Stabilizer 100
Victory Talisman (1-Day) Box 3
Midnight Wings (3-Star, 30-Day, AAA Tuning) 1
Gremory's Greater Dimensional Box 1

Bai Pre-Release Ultra Pack. This pack can only be opened by Bai, and can only be purchased once per account on the Closers Daily Deal page. (Offer ends 10 a.m. PDT on Wednesday, April 30.)

Dark Command 10-Set (Not Tradeable) 1
3-Star Bai Graceful Lady Full Set Random Box (Not Tradeable) 1
Gremory's Special Dimension Box 1
Gremory's Greater Dimension Box 1
+13 Gear Booster Pouch 1
+12 Gear Booster Pouch 3
+1 Gear Booster 1
Enhancement Fortifier 30
Hyperclocked Equalizer 10
Transcendental Elixir 50
Mini Alice Pet Package 1
3-Star Purification Ops Phase Wings Random Box (Not Tradeable) 1

And to round out our pre-release event, the Bai Release Celebration Premium Pack can be opened only by Bai, and you can buy it as many times as you like on the Closers Daily Deal page. (Offer ends 10 a.m. PDT on Wednesday, April 30.)

+12 Gear Booster Pouch 1
Alpha Equalizer 2
Transcendental Elixir 10
Slot Type Modification Tool 10
Perfect PNA Evolution Kit 10
Enhancement Fortifier 5


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wearing the costume