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Master of Service…And So Much More!


Great deals on Washing Machines and Costume bundles in the store.

On Wednesday, January 29 after maintenance, get ready to suit up and take the field of…buttle?

Master of Service costumes give you that special touch of class, whether you’re fighting dimensional monsters or serving up high tea.

Shop the in game EMP store for Master of Service Washing Machines or Washing Machine Special packages to obtain your perfect uniform in variants A / C.

  • Bai
  • Harpy
  • J
  • Levia
  • Luna
  • Misteltein
  • Nata
  • Seha
  • Seth
  • Soma
  • Sylvi
  • Tina
  • Violet
  • Wolfgang
  • Yuri

If you’re looking for Master of Service B costume pieces, you’ll want to stock up on Cross Material conversion tickets from our new CMC Special packages and CMC Try packages. In addition to the prized B variants, your tickets also have a chance to generate must-have items like the Fallen Night and Dark Command sets. Check in with Bitna about all the available options for this CMC season.

cmc packages

Also new in the store are Seth’s Academy package, and Black Suit packages for both Seth and Bai.

Black Suit

And to round out the new store offerings, you can also buy Enhancement Special packages with Guaranteed D and Splendid D components, Costume Tuning packages with D Fabric Treatments, and enhancement transfer devices.

Enhancement Packages


dressing room

wearing the costume