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Max Level Cybernetic Overdrive Update


The next Closers update arrives after downtime on Wednesday, September 12! Downtime begins at 10 p.m. and should take about two hours.


  • The max level is increased to 83 for all characters—including Wolfgang!
  • Harpy gets promoted to Special Operative!
  • Challenge the Great Purge Ops. Different bosses are available at different days and times. Defeat them all!
    • We’re running a special Great Purge Ops event. Get the details in the events section below.
    • Great Purge Ops introduces special costume items.
      • 1) Contamination Purger Accessories (waist, mask, leg, wrist, visor)
      • 2) Tindalos and Yod Boss Weapons
      • 3) Tindalos, Harpas, and Yod Boss Wings
      • 4) Tindalos, Harpas, and Yod Boss Eyes
    • We added three new pets, obtainable via Great Purge Ops missions:
      • Mini Tindalos
      • Mini Harpas
      • Mini Yod
    • Great Purge Ops Equipment Type Items
      • We added a variety of equipment types and items, with unique buffs and effects.
  • Cybernetic Overdrive Cube Event Stages—September 10 to October 1
    • Daily Entrance: 2 times (3 times for elite players)
    • Dungeon Entrance: Gangnam Evac Center Matter Mixer
  • Gear Transcendence
    • A new way to power up your items! Obtain materials for these upgrades (levels 1–3) through the Great Purge Ops.
  • Empowerment Gear Level System
    • All items now have a separate Phase Gear Level on top of their equip Level. Your Account Phase level is the average of your items’ Gear Phase Levels.
    • All stages now have a “Required Phase Gear Level.” You need to meet this requirement to queue for these stages.
    • Empowerment Gear Level Bonus
      • Players attain an “Empowerment Buff” if their phase gear level is higher than the required phase level of a stage.
      • Phase gear level buff/debuff does not apply to stages that do not display the required level at the gate.
  • New Skill change system
    • This system strengthens skills when certain items are equipped. (This does not apply to PVP.)
    • Events

      • Great Purge Ops Event
        • This event presents a collection of login rewards, playtime items, and power-ups to support your exploration of the Great Purge Ops! These events end with the Monday, October 1, maintenance.
          • 15-Day Login Reward
            • The Great Purge Ops Support Box contains:
              Item Amount
              Resurrection Capsule ×11 1
              Victory Talisman (1-Day) 1
              Transcendental Elixir 1
              Extreme +12 4 sets (Tuning A, 15-Day) 1
              Yod Phase Wings (3-Star, 15-Day) 1
            • Pet Random Box can contain one of the following:
              Item Amount
              Mini Alraune Egg Container 1
              Mini Rank-A Agent Egg Container 1
              Mini Veronica Egg Container 1
              Mini Camilla Egg Container 1
              Mini Punisher Irina Egg Container 1
              Mini Supreme Judge Egg Container 1
            • Full calendar of rewards:
              Day Item Amount
              1 Great Purge Ops Support Box 1
              2 Enhancement Boost II 2
              3 Slot Type Change Tool 1
              4 High-Clocked Equalizer 1
              5 Enhancement Fortifier 1
              6 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit 1
              7 Wedding Mini Washing Machine 1
              8 Chip Protector 1
              9 Enhancement Fortifier 1
              10 Transcendental Elixir 1
              11 Hyperclocked Equalizer 1
              12 Pet Random Box (Egg) 1
              13 Shape Memory Device 1
              14 Gear Booster +12 1
              15 3-Star Boss Eye Random Box (Cannot be traded) 1
            • Weekend Play Time Event
              Date Log In 30 Mins 60 Mins 90 Mins 120 Mins
              9/15/18 Maid Service Voucher (1-Day) Greater Phase Fiber ×20 Latest Chip Random Box ×1 Chip Protector ×1 Slot Type Change Tool ×2
              9/16/18 Gardening Voucher (1-Day) Pet Food ×10 Contamination Crystal ×10 Transcendental Elixir ×1 Performance Fabric Relaxer ×2
              9/22/18 Rapid Dual Recovery Capsule ×20 Gear Booster -1 ×2 Enhancement Boost II ×2 Dioxin Cleaner ×1 Enhancement Fortifier ×1
              9/23/18 Resurrection Capsule ×5 Operation Area Auto-Clear ×3 UNION Gear Lubricant ×2 Performance Fabric Treatment ×3 Hyperclocked Equalizer ×1
              9/29/18 Elite Voucher (1-Day) ×1 Quality Assurance Seal ×10 Greater Phase Fiber ×20 Sticky Residue ×10 Perfect PNA Evolution Kit ×2
              9/30/18 Victory Talisman (1-Day) ×1 Rainbow Dimensional Essence ×20 Luck Stabilizer ×10 Contamination Crystal ×10 Enhancement Fortifier ×1

              Power up for Ops! Earn 20% bonus EXP during the entire event period, 20% bonus Credits, 20% bonus item discovery, and one additional entry into restricted sectors.

            • Harpy Promotion Celebration
              • Receive special rewards on your first login—including a temporary Cybernetic 10-piece set and elite status—and then at levels 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, and 83. If your Harpy has already reached a given milestone level, you’ll receive the appropriate rewards with no additional play requirement.
              • Harpy Crafting Event
                • Completing sectors with Harpy earns you materials you can use to craft event rewards. Materials and the craft list expire Monday, October 22, at 10 p.m. PDT.
                  Amount Result Restriction
                  5 Rapid Dual Recovery Capsule ×10 Once per day per character
                  20 Shining Phase Fiber Box ×1 5 per account
                  20 Enhancement Boost II ×1 Once a day per account
                  30 Quality Assurance Seal ×10 3 per account
                  40 Splendid Gear Booster Box ×1 (+10/+11/+12) 2 per account
                  60 UNION Finest Day of the Week Accessory Box 2 per account
                  80 Enhancement Fortifier ×1 Once per account
                • Harpy Special Operative Costume
                  • Completing the Special Operative Promotion quest awards the player with a temporary costume box, and the option to craft a permanent version. The permanent version can be crafted until maintenance on Monday, November 12. Requirements to craft the 1-Star permanent version are:
                    • Devil King’s Goblet ×72
                    • Sealed Queen’s Eye ×540
                    • Rainbow Dimensional Essence ×100
                    • Sticky Residue ×15

      All the above Harpy events will end with the Monday, October 15 maintenance unless stated otherwise.

      • The following events end with downtime on Wednesday, September 12:
        • German Launch Celebration event
        • Nata Special Operative event
        • Fireworks event buffs

      EMP SHOP

      New Products:

      • Wolfgang Starter Pack
      • Harpy Special Operative Package
      • Mini Harpy Adult/Egg Package
      • Nata Egg Container
      • Certain Qipao costume variants
      • Nata and Harpy Dragon Breath costume variants
      • Dragon Breath Washing Machine 30% discount bundle (3 times per account)
      • Transcendence Basic Products (Shape Memory Device, Transcendence Elixir ×1, ×10)
      • Transcendence Standard Package
      • Transcendence Premium Package (3 times per account)

      Products Leaving the Store

      • Wolfgang Premium Starter Pack
      • Tina SC Package
      • Tina Starter Pack Discount
      • Mini Nata Pet Egg/Adult Package
      • Tide Washing Machine 30% discount package (3 times per account)


      • New Products:
        • Certain Qipao costume variants, including a special accessory set
        • Dark Dragon’s Breath Washing Machine (for the Black Lambs, Levia, Nata, and Harpy)
        • Summer Gremory and Summer Dust Pets can now be found in Washing Machines, replacing Trainer and Yujeong.
      • Products Leaving Bitna’s Shop:
        • Tide Washing Machines
        • Marine/Sailor Washing Machines


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