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New En Masse: Action RPG Pack Now Available


Action RPG Pack #2 is now available, just for linking your Twitch Prime account.

Have you linked your En Masse account to your Twitch Prime account yet?

It only takes a minute, and when you’re finished, we’ll send you the En Masse Action RPG Pack #2.

Pack #2 is available through Thursday, May 23 and contains these items for Closers players:

  • Specialty Suit Box II: the other half of the suit costume (jacket with tie, slacks and gloves—plus a skirt for female characters)
  • 15 days of elite status for Closers
  • +12 Gear Booster
  • Enhancement Fortifier
  • Enhancement Boost II
  • Specialty Suit Box II
  • Plus goodies for use in TERA (another of our En Masse games)

The Specialty Suit Costume Boxes have been updated to include Bai, the newest addition to the Closers lineup.

Your items will be available in the EMP Store Delivery Box (the button at the bottom of your inventory) when you log into Closers.