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Patch Preview 12/23 Beelzebub


Beelzebub, Tein & Dancing! Do you need KitTeaCup yelling at you? (yes, yes you do)

Beelzebub is coming after maintenance on Monday, December 23. The mysterious, demonic and powerful Beezlebub, has heard of your dragon smashing ways and it’s war. Fight his children Syrphid, Dermatobia, and Musca boss battles and you could get sweet costumes (and perhaps phase wings) and even sweeter dance moves.

For our most intense agents, we welcome you to Closer’s first 12-person raid where you’ll get the chance to earn Beezlebub gear, the new gear that goes all the way to +17.

And to help you on these brutal journeys, we’re upping the level cap to 86.

Brightly colored Scavengers give you the opportunity to craft Christmas goodies in our special Event Dungeon. In the store, Santa Outfits will be back in stock, and the tailor just finished sewing Bai’s Santa suit.

The new Midnight Crusader costume is available for a limited time only December 23 until maintenance on January 27.

Misteltein joins Task Force Good Fellas. What mind games does the mysterious Count D have in store?

  • New Task Force character illustration
  • New Task Force Rank ID
  • New Task Force costume
  • New Task Force Visual Frames
  • Good Fellas Formation: B and EX variant

Get even more details in our patch notes and costume post.


dressing room

wearing the costume