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Task Force: Queen of Hearts


A new task force is coming, and here’s how to get ready!

Task Force: Queen of Hearts arrives soon, and we’ve got a preview video all about it. Check it out here:

Here is the recruitment schedule for Task Force Queen of Hearts:

Sylvi—January 13
Sylvi is the task force’s long-range support specialist. Her telekinesis lets her convert loose scrap into weapons for enemy suppression and annihilation.

Seth—January 29
Seth’s brutal claw attacks make her the task force’s key assault player at mid-range. Her explosive power plays an important role in every battle.

Harpy—February 10
Harpy’s fancy—and lethal—dance moves serve her well as the task force’s leader and melee expert. Her amazing skills can suppress all nearby opponents.

Check out all the details in our Task Force Queen of Hearts Sylvi Patch Notes.

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