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Task Force Queen of Hearts: Seth!


A new Team Challenge system, new costumes, and Closers Day highlight our next update.

On Wednesday, January 29 after maintenance, get ready to send your favorite Closers into our new Team Challenge system!

Each week, we set up a challenge for each team of Closers (Black Lambs, Wolf Dogs, and Wildhüter). Every challenge you complete earns you points towards rewards and ranking, as well as crafting materials for some amazing event items like a special Challenge Visual Frame and Title, and a new kind of Phase Wings!

But choose your Closers carefully. You can only use each character once per week, and you will receive some fairly hefty benefits when you complete the correct challenge.

Plus, we’ve set up a playtime event to reward you for time spent preparing for, participating in, and enjoying your challenge rewards. Log in and play up to 15 hours to claim rewards such as Lucky Phase Tokens, Super Advanced Evolution Material Capsules, and even three days of elite status!

This update also kicks off a new season of Cross Material Conversion. Check in with Bitna about your available options, but this season includes must-have items like the Fallen Night and Dark Command sets, and the 3-Star Master of Service (B) set that you just can’t get from the washing machines in the store!

To round off our update, Seth joins Task Force Queen of Hearts, just in time for Closers Day (Saturday, February 1 to Sunday, February 2). Don’t forget to use your Queen of Hearts badges to craft her costume and other useful items.


dressing room

wearing the costume