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Thanks to Your Feedback…


Calling all Closers,

We heard you loud and clear. As of July 3, we’ll remove the fatigue system from the NA and EU versions of Closers. We’ve been watching, observing, and listening to all of your comments in regard to this system. It became obvious the system wasn’t good and took away the fun for a majority of players in our regions. Naddic is a very player focused developer and aligns with our En Masse mission to create great Player Experiences. So, we are very happy to announce the implementation of this change in the next update!



How will the change affect the game economy?

  • Most of the main dungeons already have their own entrance restrictions. Naddic previously removed fatigue in Japan and gained experience in ensuring the economy remains healthy. We will also continuously monitor for any needed changes.

What will I be able to do with spare fatigue pots?

  • We are still finalizing this. We are leaning towards converting all existing pots into credits via the Matter Mixer. Before we can finalize, we’re doing some research into the economy of fatigue pots and the balance of converting. For now, I would not recommend stock piling these, as they will not give an advantage going forward.

Will stamina pots be removed from starter packs?

  • We will replace these with another type of consumable and update our DLC packs with the update.

Will there be any changes to limits on dungeons? Or will it be the same as it was?

  • Nothing will be changed for now. We will continue to monitor and adjust to protect the economy, as needed.

Will there be compensation to players that bought packs with Stamina potions in it?

  • If you haven’t used them yet, you will be able to convert these when the update arrives. We are also considering a reward to couple with this big change for all players – stay tuned!

There are some main quest/PvP boxes/achievements that give stamina potions as a reward, will those change?

  • Absolutely! Naddic has already started on these replacements and all pots will be gone with the update.

Will we increase the cap limits on items being sold in the Black Market?

  • We will continue monitoring this and it’s a big topic for all regions. We will update as we have more to share here.

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