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The Divine Battle Is Upon Us!


Choose a side in the Closers’ battle of Science vs. Liberal Arts, starting Feb 24.

The next season of Divine Battle is almost upon us—so get ready to choose a side!

The Divine Battle

Join either the Science (Dogra) or Liberal Arts (Magra) team, then complete sectors and turn in materials to gain points for your side. The team with the most points at the end of the season will take home some sweet rewards!

Check the Divine Battle leaderboards to see which players contribute the most on each side, and final rewards will be distributed based on your ranking. The more you pitch in, the more you get to take with you at the end!

The Divine Battle starts on Monday, February 24 and continues until Wednesday, March 25.

Products & Packages

Looking for a competitive edge? Look no further than the new “Imperial Guard” costume available in the washing machines, plus three new types of packages in the in game EMP store.

Imperial Guard

  • Levia
  • Misteltein
  • Soma
  • Violet
  • Wolfgang
  • Yuri
CMC Season’s End Packages
CMC Last Chance Package contains 270 Crossover Type Material Conversion Tickets and 27 Crossover Type Material Conversion Tickets (a 25% savings)
CMC One Time Boost Package contains 30 Crossover Type Material Conversion Tickets and 1 Crossover Type Material Conversion Ticket (a 55% savings)
Busan Celebration Packages
Busan Celebration Leveling Package contains 50 UNION Special Phase Stabilizers, 50 UNION Special PNA Phase Stabilizers, 100 UNION Special Luck Stabilizers, 10 Victory Talisman (1-Day) Boxes, 10 Triple Talisman Boxes, 10 Double Talisman (1-Day) Boxes, and a 7-Day Elite Status Voucher (an 80% savings!)
March Tuning Package contains 3 Alpha Equalizers, 10 Splendid D Components, 20 Superior D Components, 5 Superior D Fabric Treatment Specials, 15 Superior D Fabric Treatments, and 3 Performance Fabric Relaxers (a 27% savings)
March Transcendence Package contains 30 Transcendental Elixirs (a 14% discount)
busan packages
Closers Day Special
Bursting Alpha Equalizer Pouch. Each pouch you open has a chance to produce anywhere from 4–50 Alpha Equalizers…meaning each one you open could be an amazing deal on Alpha Equalizers! But don’t wait too long to take advantage of this deal: The Closers Day Special product is only available from Friday, February 28 until Monday, March 2!
closers day


dressing room

wearing the costume