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The Divine Battle Rages On!


Closers’ newest content update has something for everyone with a Springtime Celebration, a new season of Divine Battles, and more!

Closers Content Update

The Divine Battle

Season 6 of the Divine Battle starts on Monday, April 20 after maintenance, and ends Monday, May 4.

Join either the Science Fiction (Dogra) or Fantasy (Magra) team, then complete sectors and turn in materials to gain points for your side. The team with the most points at the end of the season will take home some sweet rewards!

Check the Divine Battle leaderboards to see which players contribute the most on each side, and final rewards will be distributed based on your ranking. The more you pitch in, the more you get to take with you at the end!

Urban Fighter Washing Machines

Urban Fighter Washing Machines

With all this activity going on, you want to be sure to dress for the occasion with Urban Fighter A, B, and C costume pieces for Seha, Nata, birthday girl Sylvi, Yuri, Bai, and Seth. Equip 6 pieces and you’ll unlock color variant and mixed Character Illustrations! On sale Monday, April 20.

Costume -


Springtime Celebrations

Springtime Celebrations

The Cozy Spring play event begins Monday, April 20 after maintenance, and ends Monday, May 11.

Log in to receive an All-in-One Talisman Box, and keep playing to receive more free items at specific play intervals. There’s up to 50 hours of play rewards, including a 3-Star Boss Eye Random Box.

Also in the month of May, there’s a 25-day login event, with must-have items like Elite Status Vouchers, Superior D Components, and Alpha Equalizers.

The Cozy Leaf Crafting event also kicks off on Monday, April 20, and as you collect Cozy Leaves from clearing Tiamat Ops, Purification Ops, and other sectors, you can craft event items like Toy Pistols, Toy Guitars, and Lotus headgear, as well as premium consumables and Yukata costume pieces!

Sylvi Birthday Celebration

Sylvi Birthday Celebration

Sylvi’s Birthday Celebration begins Wednesday, April 29 at 11:00 PM PDT (Thursday, April 30 at 6:00 UTC).

The birthday celebration only runs for 24 hours so log in before all the cake is gone to receive a Birthday Celebration Box with a Piece of Cake and a 7-day UNION Elite training voucher.

New Store Items

New Store Items

Springtime Packages are available for purchase starting Monday, April 20.

Whether you want a Springtime Enhancement Package, a Springtime Transcendence Package, or the Springtime All-in-one Package, we’ve got all your tuning, enhancing, and costume modification needs met.

Spring Packages

Closers Day Packages go on sale Saturday, May 2, and leave the store Sunday, May 10.

Whether you want a traditional Closers Day Fortifier Package, or pouches containing Transcendental Elixirs, Alpha Equalizers, or Gear Booster Fortifiers, shop the store to get a little something for yourself. You’ve earned it.


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