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The Road to Busan


Can you solve the mystery of the Untouchable?

On Monday, March 9 after maintenance, the Busan update opens up new zones, challenges, and mysteries for you to explore. With the enigmatic Misook as your guide, the sky is literally the limit to what you can accomplish!

Login in and play our Busan Celebration event and you can earn a +13 Purification Ops Module, and also craft Gear Boosters, Purification Ops and Contamination Hell free passes, Purification Ops trinkets, Demon’s Night trinkets, and more!

And if that wasn’t enough, new and returning players can open up a Welcome Box with must-have items like Gear Boosters, Maid Service and Gardening Vouchers, costumes and Closers Growth Support boxes! Keep playing every day for additional Welcome Boxes, Yakuta costumes, Gifted Cadet costumes, and even a Black Suit Full Set box!

What is Busan?

Across the Korean peninsula from Seoul lies the bucolic coastal city of Busan. Until now, its mayor has resisted UNion’s efforts to place a chapter of Closers there, but a recent incursion of dimensional monsters sends Sylvi and her combined squad flying in to investigate. And you’re invited!

Misook Cosplay? YES PLEASE!

Even before you play the Busan story and discover who she really is, you can cosplay Misook’s signature style with Red Scorpion Tracksuit packages. And if you buy one early, you’ll also pick up a limited-edition Iron Pipe Accessory.

Red Scorpion Tracksuit packages

Down the Rabbit Hole

You also won’t want to miss our whimsical In Wonderland washing machines, packed with out-of-this-world costume pieces. Assemble a full set and you’ll enjoy new character illustrations and animations for all Closers.

Costume -


But wait, there’s more!

You should definitely take advantage of our Busan Commemorative Chain Discount

Busan Commemorative Chain Discount

and our Busan Celebration packages!

Busan Celebration packages!


dressing room

wearing the costume