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Tiamat Launch Update


Attention Closers!

The official Closers launch is approaching on Tuesday, February 6, and we have a huge update going out with it. When we return from our Monday, February 5, maintenance (beginning at 10 p.m. PST) you’ll be able to challenge Tiamat and enjoy all the latest changes!

Tiamat Raid

The Closers Launch update introduces the Dimensional Ops Center, where you can earn the most powerful gear in the game and challenge Closers’ very first Raid Boss: Tiamat!

Learn more about the Tiamat Raid!

Enhancement Adapter System

The enhancement adapter system allows players to add enhancement slots to their gear.

Speak to GearBooster Poe in the Dimensional Ops Center to create enhancement slots for your gear: three for weapon cores, two slots for modules, or one slot for a trinket. Once they’re unlocked, you can equip enhancement chips of the same color as the new slot.

Enhancement chips are bound to their slots. You can’t move one to a different item easily: your only choices are to destroy it, or return it to inventory using a Chip Protector. Should you choose to use gear with an enhancement chip (or just an enhancement slot) as material for creating superior gear, both the slot and any equipped chips are removed.

The advent of the enhancement adapter system also brings a new “chip locker,” specifically for storing enhancement chips. You’ll see this menu after finishing the related quest from Dr. Jung in the Dimensional Ops Center. This special inventory menu not only lets you sort your enhancement chips, but also upgrade them to superior chips!

Salvaging 3-star costume pieces let you acquire chips above Standard quality. The Chance Type Platinum Chip—the rarest type of enhancement chip—can only be acquired by salvaging 3-star effects, lenses, and signature costume pieces.

Pet Awakening

The pet awakening system lets players improve pets that reach level 50.

Awakened pets have greatly increased stats, and gain unique dialogues and special effects.

New Events

Closers Together Community Launch Event

The official launch of Closers is approaching on Tuesday, February 6, so we’re celebrating with a game-wide community event. Introducing: Closers Together!

On Thursday morning, February 1, at midnight UTC Closers around the globe started working together to meet game-wide goals, unlock global rewards, and individually get a chance at a custom laptop! This event lasts until Wednesday night, February 14, 11:59 p.m. UTC, so everyone can join in the fun!

Learn how to participate!

Login for a Tiamat Experience Box

Tiamat will be your greatest challenge yet, so we’re sending you a little boost for the upcoming battle. If you log in between Tuesday, February 6, after maintenance, until Monday, February 19, 10 p.m. PST you’ll receive a gift in your in-game mailbox containing the following:

  • +12 Crater Experience Box (1-Day) to give you a taste of the gear you can earn from challenging Tiamat.
  • Enhancement Support (1-Day)
  • Slot Type Modification Tool to try out the new Enhancement Adapter System.
  • Awakening Beads to check out Pet Awakening.

Players are eligible for one Tiamat Experience Box per account.

Venture to the Dimensional Ops Center and Earn Rewards

Clearing a stage in the Dimensional Ops Center between Tuesday, February 6, after maintenance, and Monday, February 19, 10 p.m. PST will get you one Nightmare Token. Collect Nightmare Tokens and craft useful consumables every day!

Required Nightmare Tokens Result Item Restriction
5 Luck Stabilizer x3 Once a day per character
5 Resurrection Capsule x3 Once a day per character
5 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule x10 Once a day per character

New Closers Recruit Support Box

Are you new to Closers? If you create a new account between Monday, February 5, 10 p.m. PST and Monday, March 5, 10 p.m. PST, we’ll send you a New Closer Support Box! Inside each box is another box with more rewards that can be unlocked at the next 10-level increment!

Box Level Item One Item Two Item Three
Level 10 Box Double Talisman Box (1-Day) Box x1 Lucky Phase Token x1 Fast Dual Recovery Capsule x20
Level 20 Box Lucky Phase Token x2 Maid Service Voucher (1-day) x1 Gardening Voucher (1-day) x1
Level 30 Box Random Elite Skill Cube x1 Synchro Fiber x1 Greater Fiber x20
Level 40 Box Lucky Phase Token x3 Sticky Residue x15 Quality Assurance Seal x10
Level 50 Box Random Epic Skill Cube x1 Amplified Dimensional Essence x10 UNION Sector of the Day Accessory Box x1
Level 60 Box Lucky Phase Token x4 Phase Stabilizer x10 Resurrection Capsule x11
Level 70 Box Superclocked Equalizer x1 Slot Type Modification Tool x1 Queen's Hand Mirror x1

Make sure to open your boxes before Monday, July 17, at 10 p.m. PST! After that, they’ll disappear!

New Closers Gifted Cadet Graduation

New Closers will also be eligible for 10 days of login rewards between Monday, February 5, 10 p.m. PST and Monday, March 5, 10 p.m. PST

Login Day Reward
Day 1 2-Star White Academy 5 Pieces Set Box (3-day) x1
Day 2 Iridescent Wings (3-day) x1
Day 3 Network Interference Device x1
Day 4 Enhancement Boost II x1
Day 5 Color Contact Lens Random Bag x1
Day 6 UNION Gear Lubricant x2
Day 7 Pet Random Box x1
Day 8 Common Phase Fiber x30
Day 9 UNION Sector of the Day Accessory Box x1
Day 10 Gifted Cadet Costume Set Box x1

The Pet Random Box will randomly award Mini Edgar, Mini Allen, Mini Poe, Special Unit, or Commander Song pets!

Meet Nata Event!

Nata is coming to Closers later this month, so we’re kicking off an event to celebrate ahead of time! When we return from maintenance February 5 until Monday, February 19, you can earn Nata Tokens by completing stages in the Dimensional Ops Center, or other sectors that cost 10 Fatigue.

Required Nata Tokens Result Item Restriction
80 Nata Early-bird Box x1 Once per account
60 Enhancement Fortifier x1 Once per account
50 UNION Sector of the Day Accessory Box x1 Twice per account
25 Enhancement Boost II x1 5 times a week per acocunt
10 GearBooster Fuel IV x1 Once a day per character

The Nata Early-Bird Box Contains:

  • Overclocked Equalizer x1
  • Common Phase Fiber x100
  • Amplified Dimensional Essence x20
  • Sticky Residue x10


With the latest additions to the EMP Shop, you can challenge Tiamat in style!

Nightmare Costume Collector’s Edition, Available February 6!

Collector's Edition packs will be available on Steam and at playclosers.com/store. Nightmare Costumes are sellable on the Black Market!

Nata Premium Starter Pack

Get the Nata Premium Starter Pack before February 20 and get a discount!

Steampunk Costumes!

Cobalt and Bronze Steampunk sets are coming to the EMP Shop, while Iron and Copper Steampunk sets have been added to Bitna’s Interdimensional Matter Converter!

See You Tuesday, February 6

We’ll go into maintenance to launch the Tiamat Update on Monday, February 5, at 10 p.m. PST. We’re expecting to be back online within about two hours. See you then!


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