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Who are the Scarlet Scorpions?


Incoming Transmission...

‘Hmm… what really happened out there? Was it all a lie?’

You’re needed in Busan, Closer. This new mission concerns a past UNION operation shrouded in secrecy. Operation Hermes: The Fate of the Scarlet Scorpions. Follow in the footsteps of a former Closers team and witness events as they originally unfolded. Undertake a special training mission: a simulation that will transport you into Misook’s past in search of answers…

Who were the Scarlet Scorpions?

Who were the Scarlet Scorpions?

To access this story content, Closers must be at least level 86 and have completed the quest “Ep 17. To Have Faith - A Reward for Trust."

EX Story – Scarlet Scorpion Event Licenses are available from August 3 to August 31 in Busan. Learn of Misook’s dark past. What do the names Erika, James, and Zuxian mean for UNION?

Look in the Event License menu for all available rewards, and purchase the Premium Rewards Tier to get even more loot during the event. This Event License hosts new daily, weekly and unique missions, so make sure to don’t miss a day to score points and rack up rewards.

Scarlet Scorpion Crafting

Crafting materials can be earned daily for the Scarlet Scorpion crafting event. Playing over 150 minutes each day will earn you a Scarlet Scorpion Support Random Box.

As you uncover the mystery of Operation Hermes, you’ll earn Scarlet Scorpion coins. These coins are used to craft special rewards and can earn your character a full set of Yukata costume pieces!

Check the Busan MatterMixer for new character emote, title, and Scarlet Scorpion crafting recipes!

Transcendence Stones

Craftable 100% Transcendence Stones have been added to Closers. Use them to transcend your gear with a 100% chance to succeed!

Visit the MatterMixer in Busan. Look in the "Sector Epic Gear" crafting tab for new recipes.

Scarlet Scorpion Packages

Between August 3 and August 30, the Scarlet Scorpion Package will be available in the EMP Store in three varieties: A Daily Package, a Weekly All-in-One Package, and a Transcendence Package (limit 3 per account).


These three packages contain vouchers and materials that will give your gear the boost it needs to investigate the Scarlet Scorpions. Truth comes to those who prepare. See the Closers store for package details and contents.

Packages available from August 3 to August 30.

Scarlet Scorpion Chain Discount

The Chain Discount system is in full effect for new Scarlet Scorpion bundles. With increasing discounts for each step along the way, you can earn yourself a FREE Pretty Beelzebub Image Armband and Gear Booster +14 Pouch by completing the chain (not to mention you’ll save thousands of EMP in the process)!


The Chain Discount event runs from August 3 to September 29.

Novice Closer Growth Program

If you’re a Closer still on the path to max level, visit Planar Gate for a new Event Dungeon! This new program has four difficulty modes depending on your level:

  • Patrol (Level 30 required)
  • Skirmish (Level 60)
  • Assault (Level 80)
  • Assault (Level 85)

Closers can enter twice each day, to earn Growth Badges and Demonstration Pendants. You’ll be able to craft a ton of helpful leveling consumables, gear, and materials. You’ll even have a chance at crafting some unique costumes and a new Novice Closer Growth Program Title Ticket!


Ready to reach the limit? See you at Planar Gate! This event runs from August 3 to August 31.

New Costume Sets

Two new Washing Machines are making their way to Bitna. One will contain Sunshine Wave Swim Wear and Summer School Swim Suits (with Seth added!). Check out the illustration variants in the Bask in the Summer Sunshine! news post.

New Costume Sets - Sunshine Wave Swim Wear and Summer School Swim Suits

The other will contain new Azure Romance costumes for select Closers. These sets can grant special portraits when fully equipped, and come in multiple color variants. Check out the illustration variants in the Azure Romance Awaits the Bold news post.

New Costume Sets - New Azure Romance costumes for select Closers

Can’t decide which set to aim for? We’ll post item details along with full set visualizers for these costumes in separate news posts so you can get a good look. Keep your grapes peeled for more Closers news!

Cool Summer Event

Summer rages on with a new login event! Log in and claim your reward every day through the end of August, plus visit the Special Products tab for limited time Cool Summer Packages.

Summer Packages

These Cool Summer Packages will come in single and specially discounted 5x and 4x bundles (limit one 5x and 4x purchase per account).

This event runs from August 17 06:00 to August 31 22:00 UTC.

Happy Birthday Seth!

Even Emperors must celebrate their special day!

After escaping the lab, Seth survived on an empty stomach with only Anna to talk to. She never imagined that one day one day she’d have so many friends to keep her company on her birth(?)day!

Ready to celebrate? Let’s all pitch in and get her the biggest birthday cake the world has ever seen! A cake delicious enough to… sacrifice for? Hmm hmm hmm!

Happy Birthday Seth!

The event runs from August 25 06:00 to August 25 05:59 UTC. Make sure you log in during that time for a special Birthday Celebration Box!

Looking for the Patch Notes? Here you go Closers - August 3 Patch Notes - Scarlet Scorpion Update.


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