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Closers Alpha Wrap-Up

Teaser image alphastart
The final Alpha weekend is finished, and you've all been a tremendous help!  We've loved popping in on your streams while you level (whether you realize it or not, heh heh), chatting with you in the official Discord, and watching new players...
spacecats | 10.28.2017 Read More

Alpha Weekend 6 - GO for EVERYONE!

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The Final Alpha weekend is upon us, and we appreciate all the valuable feedback you’ve been sending. As a special thank you to those who signed up, we're opening the invite list to include EVERYONE that’s been waiting. Specifically, if you signed...
cochese | 10.18.2017 Read More

It’s Time for the Closers Alpha!

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The Closers Alpha Test is finally here! We’re firing up the Closers servers to test for bugs, gameplay and network issues. We've invited a few players to join us in September for the first two weekends of many weekends we have planned. Weekend 1...
lawllipops | 09.14.2017 Read More

All the Events for the Closers Alpha!

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It’s high time to start getting fired up for the Closers Alpha Test! During our Alpha Test, we've have some fun in-game events planned for you, for helping us out with this crucial step in the development of Closers.
lawllipops | 09.14.2017 Read More

Closers First Look, Today on Twitch!

Firstlook teaser image
Join Spacecats on Twitch for the first look at En Masse’s newest game: Closers! Closers Alpha is on its way! We were able to give some early previews to a small group of PAX attendees last weekend, and now it's your turn to experience the demo! ...
geletron | 09.08.2017 Read More

Closers is Coming This Fall

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Online Action RPG Follows the Exploits of an Elite Team of Psychic Teens Fighting to Save the World in an Update to the Classic Side-Scrolling Arcade Genre
geletron | 08.30.2017 Read More