Closers News

Closers Day Is Coming April 1!

Alphaevents teaser image
Start the month off right with Closers Day, beginning April 1!
smoreceror | 03.27.2018 Read More

Pandimensional Closers Invade on March 20

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Vote in our polls every other day on Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win in-game items! | 03.20.2018 Read More

Welcome the Next Wolf Dog: Tina

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Tina is coming to Closers on Tuesday, April 3 (but Harpy isn’t far behind).
smoreceror | 03.15.2018 Read More

March 19 Pandimensional Max Level Update

Refit skyship teaser image
Monday, March 19, 10 p.m. PDT (scheduled to end after two hours)
smoreceror | 03.15.2018 Read More

It’s a Great Time to Become a Closer!

New player yukata teaser image
From March 20 through April 30, new Closers reap awesome rewards.
smoreceror | 03.15.2018 Read More

Tina vs. Harpy: Vote with OUR Dollars!

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Cast your votes for Tina or Harpy on the final day, and En Masse will donate $1 to charity. | 03.12.2018 Read More

En Masse Community Spotlight, Volume 3

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Disco, a giveaway, and a conversation with EME partner, FromThe70s
tailypo | 03.07.2018 Read More

Choose Which Wolf Dog Releases Next!

Tinavharpy teaser image
From March 6–14, we need your help to decide which Wolf Dog releases next: Harpy or Tina!
smoreceror | 03.01.2018 Read More

Meet the Newest Wolf Dog in the Nata Update

Nata teaser image
Play as Nata, the newest addition to the Wolf Dogs, starting Wednesday, February 21!
smoreceror | 02.20.2018 Read More