Closers News

Congratulations on Closers Together!

Teaser image alphaschedule
Join us for a review of two weeks of community accomplishments in the Closers Together Event!
smoreceror | 02.15.2018 Read More

New Closer Coming Wednesday, February 21

Nata teaser image
A new Closer, a new starter pack, and a new storyline to explore. Introducing Nata!
smoreceror | 02.13.2018 Read More

Tiamat Launch Update

Tiamat update teaser image
Travel to the Dimensional Ops Center and challenge Tiamat in the next update, coming February 6!
smoreceror | 02.03.2018 Read More

Closers Together Community Launch Event

Closers together teaser
Team up with your fellow Closers, unlock rewards, and get a chance at a custom laptop!
smoreceror | 01.30.2018 Read More

Closers Launches February 6!

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Congratulations to all of our Gleam winners! You'll be receiving an email by the end of the day on Friday, March 2, letting you know what you won. Find out if you're a winner below! En Masse Entertainment is happy to announce that Closers...
smoreceror | 01.23.2018 Read More

All Aboard for the Sky Ship Update!

Skyship teaser image
Attention, Closers! The Sky Ship update is coming, and with it, the next chapter in the Closers storyline. Not only that, but this update also increases the level cap for all available characters to 70! Read on for the full details on new...
smoreceror | 01.18.2018 Read More

Closers’ Rampage Cube Update Is Coming

Rampage cube teaser
Get ready for your greatest challenge yet: the Rampage Cube arrives January 8!
smoreceror | 01.07.2018 Read More

The Closers Open Beta Has Begun

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Starting now, Closers is open to the public!
smoreceror | 12.18.2017 Read More

’Tis the Season for Golden Gift Boxes!

Gifting 2017 teaser image
Golden Gift Boxes are now available in Closers, for all your last-minute shopping needs!
smoreceror | 12.18.2017 Read More